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Minerals are compounds found in rocks, usually appearing in crystalline form. They include silicates such as silicon dioxide (quartz) and feldspar, and non-silicates, which include raw elements, organic (carbon-based) minerals and naturally occurring metal alloys. These may be oxides, sulfides, sulphates, phosphates and carbonates. Minerals are typically one component in a rock, aggregated with other minerals and materials that must be separated by grinding, sorting, smelting filtration or other processes to obtain minerals in pure form. Common minerals used in industry include quartz, used in optical instruments such as lenses and prisms, bauxite, from which aluminium can be extracted, cobalt, which is a key ingredient in hard-wearing alloys used for applications ranging from permanent magnets to turbine engines. A related product is sand, which is formed from a range of mineral and rock particles. The precise composition of sand varies widely from place to place and both particle size and composition have a significant impact on the value of different sands for different applications. Other valuable minerals include raw metals such as tin, tungsten, silver, gold and platinum. Mineral processing equipment ranges from mining, grinding, smelting and filtration equipment to the viscometers and particle sizing instruments used for material characterisation, process monitoring and control. Browse the products below to find minerals and mineral processing products on the Copybook network. more

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