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Material testing laboratories provide confirmation of product quality, safety, efficacy and identity, and of process efficiency for applications across all industries and sectors. Applications range from strength tests, drug trials and stability testing to food safety, from the assessment of air and water quality in environmental auditing to the analysis of DNA in forensic science and from the evaluation of production processes in industrial manufacturing to the measurement of nutritional content in dairy products. Browse the companies below to find analytical laboratories and contract research services meeting your specific requirements. Material and product testing labs and services support research and monitoring in regulatory assessments, audits, acceptance testing, drug development and quality control applications. They provide a valuable, unbiased solution to ensure product authenticity, quality and safety. Food testing services can detect defects and bacterial infections to ensure products are both safe and fit for purpose. For example, x-ray screening can detect foreign objects and contaminants that could otherwise represent a hazard to consumers. Effective characterisation of pharmaceutical ingredients and products helps to combat drug counterfeiting and guarantee the safety of medicinal products, whilst leak detection to reduce the risk of releasing improperly packaged goods detect when a seal has been compromised, which could reduce the effectiveness of drug treatments, and shorten product shelf life. Testing laboratories also support a broad range of additional applications including auditing water quality for environmental purposes, assessing the risks and benefits of pesticides and fertilisers, monitoring the yield and effectiveness of chemical and industrial manufacturing processes, and testing flame retardants, explosives and many other products. more

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