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M2M, or machine to machine technology, is a collection of digital products and solutions that allow mobile devices and sensors to connect directly to the Internet of Things via wired, or wireless connections. The acronym M2M is also used to mean "mobile to mobile" - a class of phone calls where two mobiles phones communicate on a single network. In the digital modern world, networked devices are everywhere: from mobile phones to tablet computers, sensor networks and embedded devices built into vehicle controls. Machine to machine technologies create new synergies between smart devices and everyday objects, allowing products to be tracked from the manufacturing line to the point of delivery while smart vehicles and roadside devices collaborate to streamline traffic networks, coordinating vehicles to alleviate congestion. Smart monitoring devices allow owners and security personnel to observe their premises remotely while a networked home audio and video devices allow sound and film libraries to be shared between devices in the home. Browse the following suppliers to see how M2M technologies are helping to create an efficient and connected world. more

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