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Increasing your Results and Exposure

Raise national and international awareness of your company. Use our global network to promote your brand, products and services to our audience worldwide. This vastly improves your company’s chances of being found and leads to more enquiries coming your way.

Your Own Detailed Profile


Achieve International Recognition

Each company has a mini website on Copybook’s extensive network. Here you can provide unlimited text outlining your products and services and include documents, pdfs, videos, images, social media and a whole host of other services.

Dedicated Enquiries

Social Network Features

Delivered Instantly via Text and Email

You will be able to view your enquiries immediately and your potential customer will not be kept waiting. You will be able to act quickly whilst your prospect has your products fresh in their mind.

Social Media Integration

Customer Portal

Promoting your company every step of the way

No longer do you have to sign into separate social media accounts. You can now share and instantly promote your company’s information at a simple click of a button. This is proven to generate a much higher R.O.I.

Customer Portal

Cross Platform Technology

Full control over your content

With our customisable, innovative dashboard system you have full control over the content uploaded to your profile and how it looks. Our easy-to-use system means that your new profile will be up and running within minutes.

Meetings at Exhibitions, Events & Trade Shows


Networking and Connecting

Whilst searching events you can add your company to any exhibition and arrange to meet executives who are also attending. They will be aware that your company is there and may also contact you in order to arrange a meeting.

Post Unlimited Videos


Your own video channel

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words; videos are worth even more. Customers love viewing videos and therefore spend longer looking at your products. This results in increased brand awareness and offers more likelihood of investment in your products.

Ask The Expert

Virtual Tradeshow

Customers will ask you directly

More often than not, you will be asked questions that can be converted into new business. Our job is to give our customers as many opportunities to generate new business as possible.

Have Your Say!


Get involved & add comments to our News

All users can now add comments to our news stories. Here you can share your thoughts and opinions with the world at the touch of a button. Interact and communicate with our readers on a global basis.

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