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Gaseous fuel is typically extracted from gas fields or trapped in underground reservoirs under layers of hard rock, to be extracted using an onshore or off-shore drilling rig. Typically, a rig contains a drill for fracturing caps of hard rock, thrusters, which exert a constant force on drill bits, and a draw works with sheaves (pulleys) and mud pumps for raising materials from the bottom of a drill shaft. Other, unconventional sources include shale gas and 'tight gas', which are extracted by fracking (which involves pumping viscous fluids and propellants into a borehole at high pressure to increases the flow of hydrocarbons, create fractures in the rocky cap above an oil or gas reservoir and increases yields from each reservoir) and coalbed methane, which can be extracted by drilling into a coal seam. Methane can also be produced as a biogas, either created in a biomass digester, or collected from silos, then filtered and purified to create marketable gas products. Browse our Energy and Power section for more information on gas supplies, view our Construction pages for suppliers of infrastructure and gas distribution products or explore the following suppliers to find high quality gas extraction technology and equipment. more

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