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Freight Services supplies you with everything you need from forwarders to auditing to carriers. Forwarders also known as forwarding agents organise the logistical network for the distribution of goods and commodities. A delivery may need to go oversees as well as on the road. Freight Audit vendors examine and check the financial freight rate documents sent from the forwarders to ensure that companies and customers are paying the correct amount for their shipping costs. Freight auditing is a complex economy due to the prices of fuel changing. Finally the carriers are the manpower that handles your shipment. Customers should check for the carriers cargo insurance and pay for any additional insurance to cover goods if necessary. Browse through our freight services consisting of freight auditors, containerised freight carriers, freight carriers for rail, freight forwarding services, freight solutions and import and export. Freight solutions covers the freight and logistics industry, providing a range of services that include warehousing, sea, rail, road, and air freight as well as equipment and products for all of these sectors. Alongside the physical solutions there are the hard working teams such as forwarders, consultants, distributors and exporters. Whatever you need for wherever you’re going, freight solutions will have the answer. Browse through our list of trusted suppliers to manage and transport your goods. more

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