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Fingerprinting kits include all the equipment needed to identify a person by their fingerprints. Fingerprinting is commonly used (along with DNA testing) to record biometric information for forensic identification purposes in identifying and prosecuting criminals. Fingerprints may also be used for authorisation and authentication processes, sometimes in combination with other biometric information, passwords or key codes. Fingerprint identification kits typically include a flat ink slab, a tube or pot of ink, a roller for applying ink and some sheets of paper or record cards. Forensic fingerprinting kits can include fluorescent powders, which adhere to prints that might otherwise be missed, with brushes for application and removal of powder, UV lamps to illuminate dusted prints and lifting tapes to preserve prints as evidence, or for future analysis. Digital fingerprint recognition systems feature sensors and cameras for online identification. Optimise your access control system with essential fingerprinting products from these trusted providers, offering a range of fingerprinting kits, biometric processors, biometric modules, and fingerprint sensors incorporating 3D image capabilities. more

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