Stormer missile platform

Stormer Missile Platform

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Stormer Missile Platform

The Stormer Missile Platform is a highly effective tracked vehicle providing the necessary mobile platform in order to transport the Starstreak High Velocity Missile (HVM) equipment. The detachment is provided with increased agility and strong firing power in order to perform the active operations. The crew will be provided with an excellent mobility because the Stormer Missile Platform was designed in order to carry 8 ready to fire missiles. It can also store 9 more in its interior space. This tracked platform is the perfect vehicle for the HVM system. This system has a wide and rapid engagement capacity and these features were developed in order to counter the possible helicopter attacks. Its features were optimized on a constant basis and this highly flexible system is now capable of being transported and fired by using the highly effective Lightweight Multiple Launcher.

It can also be fired right from the shoulder but the Stormer Missile Platform is the main vehicle that is used in order to carry it. The missile platform employes a system of 3 dart type projectiles. These projectiles are used because of their ability to make several hits on the same target. Each of these missiles is likely to have the explosive warhead. The missiles that are carried by the Stormer Missile Platform were intended to become an inexpensive weapon when compared to other munitions such as the AGM-65 Maverick. They are used because they can provide the operators with a standoff performance. This performance will require just a minimum of other support electronics. Stormer Missile Platform is fitted with a special roof-mounted alerting device. This alerting device will provide the crew with the necessary target detection and its prioritization. This tracked platform also has a special panoramic weapon sight. This sight was located in the front side of the vehicle.

Stormer Missile Platform

Stormer Missile Platform Development

The Stormer Missile Platform was developed by the British MOD. It was first shown as being the FV4333 back in 1987. This vehicle was intended to become a general purpose platform. It was designed in order to combat other terrain vehicles. Suspension changes, transmission and engine were later added in order for the vehicle to become more efficient. The carrying capacity of the Stormer Missile Platform was doubled and its performance while one road was boosted. The carrying capacity of its predecessor, the Spartan was extended by increasing the overall length of this platform. Therefore, the crew was provided with a more versatile and effective platform that could be used for further development.

The initial prototypes were armed with the 7.62-mm MG that could be used from the commander's position. These initial prototypes have undergone a lot of test and trails in order for the latest upgrades to be developed. Further development is already ensued because the Stormer Missile Platform must be employed in an operational way. The British Army had decided to procure these military platforms but they decided to have them in a modified form. They need the Stormer Missile Platform to act as an effective and mobile platform for all the Shorts Starstreak missiles. These high velocity missiles together with the Starstreak launchers are located right towards the rear in order to use their target sensors in an effective way. All the reload missiles are likely to be carried inside the vehicle's hull. The British Army may also be interested in other future applications that concern the Stormer Missile Platform.


The main armament of the Stormer Missile Platform consists in ATK Ammunition Systems and the Bushmaster II 30mm automatic cannon. The turret and the cannon are designed in order to traverse right through 360°. The elevation may vary from almost -45° to +60°. The cannon can provide a constant rate of fire that varies from a single shot to almost 200 rounds per minute. Stormer Missile Platform was provided with the special cannon that has a special and double selection ammunition system. The ammunition feed system will provide the occupants with almost 180 rounds of strong ammunition ready to fire anytime. Stormer Missile Platform is also equipped with the 7.62mm general purpose machine guns. The 2 machine guns come along with a range of almost 400m. These machine guns can be mounted coaxially with the rest of the armament in order to provide the crew with 700 rounds of ammunition that is ready to fire. Stormer Missile Platform has 2 multi-barrel grenade launchers. They are installed right on the front of its turret in order to provide the necessary 180° coverage of the battlefield. These launchers are designed in order to operate on the special 24V electrical supply. These launchers are each armed with 4 smoke grenades.


The proper installation of the missile launcher is optional. It can be installed on either side of the vehicle's turret. The traverse of this missile launcher is actually the continuous and already designed 360° traverse of the vehicle's turret. Its elevation range may reach -7.5° to +30°. This TOW missile was produced by the Raytheon Missile Systems Company. It is manufactured under special license in UK by MBDA. Some versions of this missile have already been developed. They have an explosive 6 inch diameter shaped charge. They also have a special tandem shaped warhead that was designed to improve the hull penetration. 2 missiles can be carried in these launch tubes. 2 spare missiles can be carried inside the Stormer Missile Platform.

The designers and manufacturers of the Stormer Missile Platform have not forgotten about the importance of self-protection. Therefore, the Stormer Missile Platform comes along with an armored and aluminum hull. This hull provides the crew with the necessary protection against the14.5mm Heavy Machine Guns. The crew can also be protected from the artillery shell splinters.

Fire and Control Surveillance

The fire control and surveillance that can be provided by the Stormer Missile Platform are noticeable because this military vehicle was designed in order to provide its occupants with the necessary and safe environment while moving on the battlefield. Therefore, the vision systems and the sighting are likely to be fitted by paying attention to the requirements of every combat. Actually, they can be fitted according to the country's mission requirements. For instance, the commander's station has been fitted with a special and optional panoramic sight. 6 episcopes have been installed in order to provide the crew with total surveillance. The episcopes are fitted with a special switch for their proper alignment and gun position. Even the gunner's station is fully equipped with the necessary night and day sight in order to survey the battlefield and identify the possible targets.

Stormer Missile Platform relies on a 5.88 litre 6 cylinder 6B-275 provided by Cummins. Cummins supplies 187kW at 2,600rpm. The transmission system of the Stormer Missile Platform consists in the T303 cross drive and automatic system. This military vehicle can reach a speed of 80km per hour and this is the maximum speed that can be reached on the standard level tarmac road in both reverse and forward. Stormer Missile Platform accelerates from zero km to almost 50km/h in almost 20 seconds. It can also accelerate from 50 km to 60km/h in another 20 seconds. The maximum gradient of this military vehicle is 60% and it is accurate for both stopping and restarting. The fording depth of the Stormer Missile Platform is one meter.

Stormer Missile Platform was first launched in 1998. This vehicle is a highly mobile one that is used for surveillance and transportation. This armored vehicle has been upgraded ever since and the present Stormer Missile Platform is actually a new variant of the well known Stormer family that was developed by Alvis Vickers Ltd. The Stormer family consists of various tracked and military vehicles that can be used for transportation and surveillance. Their main development and design was based on the already proven technology that comes from the famous Scorpion tanks. The Scorpion family consists in light tanks that can be used on almost every type of rough terrain. Any environment can be handled thanks to these armored vehicles.

Variants / Upgrades

The present and upgraded Stormer Missile Platform can be operated by 3 members. The gunner, the loader/commander and the driver will use this vehicle in active operations on the battlefield. The upgraded versions of the current Stormer Missile Platform have already been trialed and demonstrated in countries from the Middle East and in UK. Still, they are likely to remain at their prototype stage, at least for a while. The Stormer Missile Platform fulfills a wide range of operations. For instance, it can be used in order to perform peacekeeping and other military operations. It can provide the optimal surveillance and reconnaissance conditions. It can guarantee the necessary fire support and the escort duties. Stormer Missile Platform was designed in order to provide armored withdrawal and armored support in all the internal security conditions.

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