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Spartan Armoured Vehicle

The side view of the Spartan Armoured VehicleSpartan is a variant that belongs to the Alvis CVR(T) family and to the Starstreak APC systems. Initially designed in order to carry and serve Javelin surface to air missile systems. Eventually, it was adapted to battlefield conditions. The latest versions of the Spartan were adapted in order to serve a wide range of terrains including the air defense and the anti-tank purposes. Even peacekeeping roles have been taken into account. This military vehicle is fully amphibious in order to cope with difficult battlefield conditions and harsh weather conditions. The Spartan can be operated by a crew of 3 or 2 men. The armoured version of the Spartan can carry up to 4 fully equipped combat soldiers. This armoured system was used in the Bosnian conflict and it has proven its high efficiency when transporting fully equipped troops.

Spartan has a full tracked chassis. It is lightly armoured and its design was intended to fulfill and serve a wide range of roles. Spartan was fielded by the UK army and it was introduced on the battlefield in 1970. Spartan weights between 7,000 and kg and it can be operated by a crew of 2 or 3 men. The speed of the vehicle can exceed of 80km/h. Spartan is powered by the Jaguar engine. This engine provides it with almost 190hp of power. This highly mobile and agile military vehicle is air-transportable and amphibious.

The British Army has started to deploy the Spartan during the Gulf War. Since then, this military vehicle has also been sold to other military customers who were interested in using its effective features.

Development / Design

The present versions of the Spartan were not developed in total isolation. This military vehicle belongs to a wider family of light armoured vehicles and to a well known armoured vehicle family that is currently headed by the Scorpion tank. This family includes 7 members that are all produced by the same Alvis Vehicles.

Initially, the Spartan was intended to become a specialist in the combat team carrier area. This means that its design was created specifically infantry usage and is operated inside the infantry combat section. It can also be operated as battlefield reconnaissance, used by combat engineers or even air defense and missile team carrier. Initially, a total of 966 Spartans were built in order to cope with those conditions.

Spartan Armoured Vehicle ArmamentFront/side view of the Spartan Armoured Vehicle

The armament of the Spartan consists of 2 x 4 smoke dischargers and a 7.62mm machine gun. The armoured hull can offer an increased protection against the 14.5mm projectiles over the vehicle's front arc and increased protection against the 7.62mm armour-piercing projectiles over the rest of the vehicle.
The Spartan can also be equipped with Javelin. Javelin is the most famous American anti-tank and guided missile and this system can be used when installed on this vehicle. This system makes use of the top-attack profile against all the armoured vehicles. This system also has a sort of direct-attack mode that can be used against the fortifications and buildings. Javelin was designed in order to become a system that demands a soft launch arrangement that can be performed by few people. This arrangement will eject the missile right from the special tube in order to reach a safe distance. This safe distance must be taken into account before starting to ignite the main motor. Therefore, this movement is going to reduce the future fire signature. This system can also be used from fortifications and buildings but the Spartan allows its installation too.

Engine / Propulsion

The Spartan is currently powered by the Cummins BTA 5.9-liter diesel engine. This engine delivers 190 horsepower. Spartan is likely to have a maximum speed road of almost 80km/h. Spartan has full amphibious features and it was designed in order to ford the water obstacles without needing any preparation. This vehicle is sealed and it is provided with the NBC protection system. Spartan is widely used thanks to its armoured hull. For instance, it can be used as an active platform for carrying the necessary anti-tank missiles.


Since the British Army had been reorganized, the Spartans have become available for their initial deployment. Currently, they are widely used as effective Spartan Armoured Vehicle in operationpatrol and general purpose liaison vehicle. The suspension system and the chassis of the Spartan are shared with the other members of this family but the Jaguar petrol engine was replaced. Instead, the present versions of the Spartan are run by the Cummins diesel as discussed above.

The current hull of the Spartan was enlarged in order for the driver to be accommodated with a new and effective fox configuration. The new hull accommodates the vehicle commander and the radio operator. It can also accommodate the 7.62-mm MG that is mounted on the cupola and this 7.62-mm MG is fired from within the Spartan. The troop compartment can be used in order to accommodate 4 fully equipped soldiers together with their personal and specialized equipment. More equipment can also be stored in the boxes or in the racks. Some of these vehicles are likely to have some provisions in order to mount the battlefield surveillance radar. This radar can be installed right on the hull in order for the soldiers to have the necessary internal racking for all the air defense missiles.

For instance, the British Army has provided the soldiers with the Spartans that had MILAN ATGW launcher turrets installed on the hull but these versions have already been withdrawn from the present battlefields. Another version of the present Spartan was called Streaker; this version was provided with the same Spartan chassis that had an open and flat bead rear in order to act as a sort of front line transporter. It could also be used as mine dispensing equipment and troops carriers but this version has not managed to pass beyond its prototype stage.

Spartan was designed to be the armoured and personnel carrier of this family. The engine, the driver's position and the entire transmission layout are likely to be similar to the already known and basic Scorpion. The crew of the Spartan consists of 3 persons but the vehicle can also accommodate a troop in the compartment that can be found right in the rear. Therefore, another 4 persons can be accommodated in the Spartan. This vehicle also has a provision for the vehicle commander that can be found in a cupola that is similar to the one that can be found in the case of the Striker. All the troops that can be accommodated in the rear will be provided with a rear hatch and a two part hatch right in the roof of the vehicle. No firing points can be found in the vehicle's rear compartment.

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