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M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle

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M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle

Barrett Firearms developed the M82 Barrett rifle. It has been deployed in many different units and armies all over the world. The M82 has a nickname known as the "Light Fifty" because of the 50. Calibers BMG (12.7mm) load.

M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle Production History

The founder of Barrett Firearms is Ronnie Barrett. The company was established for the sole purpose of creating weaponry, which would use the 50. BMG ammunition - developed for use in the M2 machine guns. The development of the Barrett started in the 1980s. The first ever-working Barrett rifle was ready for Military use in 1982, hence the weapon name M82.

M82A1 Sniper Rifle

Over the years after the first M82 Barrett, the development of the more effective and improved M82A1 rifle was in 1986. The real success of the rifle was the selling of around 110 M82A1 rifles to the Swedish Military in 1989. The M82A1 had massive success around 1990, when the United States Military brought significant numbers for Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Middle East.

There were about 120 Barret Sniper Rifles sold to the United States Marine Corps initially, soon followed by orders from United States Army, along with orders from the Air Force. SASR is what the United States Army call the M82A1.

Barrett M82 sniper rifle and carry case.
Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle
M82 Barrett with Ammunition on display.
Barrett M82 (Black Version)
M82 Sniper Rifle on a concrete surface.
Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle

M82 Sniper Rifle Range and Ammunition

The M82A1 has an effective long range, which is over 1500m and a recorded range of 2500m. The M82A1 ammunition ranges from the highly effective API or the Raufoss MK 211, with high energy, this allowed very effective operation success for taking out radar stations, vehicles, parked planes and so on.

The main role of the M82 is to disable armoured vehicles, but the M82 could be used in taking out infantry soldiers from stand off positions or against targets situated behind walls.

M82 Weapon Variants

There are two variants of the M82, the first being the M82A1 (along with the A3), and the bullpup M82A2. Although the M82A1 is sadly no longer in production, the XM500 has been moulded the spiritual predecessor. This also employs the bullpup configuration.

M82 Sniper Rifle: Law Enforcement Usage

Over the years the Barrett M82 has been bought by many military and law enforcement organisations from over 30 countries, these range from Belgium, China, Norway, the United Kingdom, and many more. As the M82 is an effective weapon for disabling vehicles in high-speed pursuits, the United States Coastguard use the M82 in drug interdictions. The NYPD have also acquired the Barrett M82 for their high speed vehicle pursuits. One shot to an engine block will disable the vehicle straight away.

Barrett M82 Rifle Specifications
Type Sniper Rifle
Place of Origin United States of America
Service History
In Service 1989-
Used by Malaysia (Special Forces Group), U.S., Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Israel and others
Wars Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghan War
Production History
Designed 1980
Producted Malaysia (Special Forces Group), U.S., Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Israel and others
Number Built Unknown
Weight 31 lb
Length 48 or 57 inches (121.9 or 144.8 cm)
Barrel length 737 mm (29in)
Cartridge 12.7 X 99 mm NATO
Caliber 12.7 mm (.510 in)
Action Recoil operation, rotating bolt
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 853 m/s
Effective Range 1,800 m (2,000 yd
Feed Systems 10rd box magazine

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