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Jackal Armoured Patrol Vehicle

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Jackal Armoured Vehicle

Jackal is a weapon-mounted patrol vehicle that was purchased by UK under the Urgent Operational Requirement concerning the troops that were fighting in Jackal on the moveAfghanistan and Iraq. When compared to other similar and efficient vehicles, the Jackal offers a greater firepower.

The Jackal features top speeds of 130 kph while on the road or 80 kph while off the road and carrying a crew of 3 men. The armored vehicle can be provided with and extra armor kit in order to increase its security and safety level. Its weapon options are likely to include the 50 (12.7mm) machine gun, the automatic grenade launcher and the general purpose guns. Jackal can also be fitted with Bowman communication equipment in order to increase its efficiency on the battlefield. This 4x4 all terrain patrol vehicle is well known for its power and efficiency. It can be regarded as a genuine pit-bull when it comes to the military operations because it can provide its crew with increased protection, agility and mobility when compared to other terrain vehicles.

Jackal Design and Development

Jackal was designed and developed by Supacat Ltd in Honiton, Devon. It was designed especially for the British Army. The Honiton factory takes care of the small productions for the British Army but the larger batches are usually manufactured by the Plymouth based company DML. Jackal is mainly based on a design called High Mobility Truck. This design implies a 400 high-mobility 4x4 scheme that is built under the license coming from Lockheed Martin. The chassis is built by Universal Engineering Ltd, the engine is built by Cummins, the transmissions are built by Allison.

Battlefield Deployment

Jackal was procured in order to help the British Forces fighting in Afghanistan. It was procured in order to provide the army with a highly effective fire-support vehicle and with an effective off-road patrol possibility. Its increased performance has been proven because the Jackal was designed in order to carry an increased amount of fuel and payload. Its present design allows the crew to carry even greater amounts of extra equipment over longer distances.

Jackal has been deployed to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan for use with the 16 Air Assault Brigade but the drivers who serve in the 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines have already begun their training in order to drive the Jackal as well.

Jackal Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems

The Jackal weapon systems include general purpose guns and machine guns. Machine guns such as 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun, 40mm Automatic GrenadeFront view of the Jackal Launcher, 7.62 mm General Purpose Machine Gun can be added to its initial design in order to increase its efficiency on the battlefield.

Jackal was designed especially for the rough terrain driving. Therefore, its design comes along with a special belly pan and an adjustable ride height. The roll cage was redesigned in order to obtain the new main gun ring. The British Army named this modification Weapons Mounted Installation Kit. Therefore, the Jackal will provide the passenger seat with a special swing-out mount that can be used by the crew commander. The rear deck of the Jackal also provides a gun position. Actually, this vehicle can provide the necessary space in order to accommodate 4 soldiers and 3 gun positions. The payload will be reduced but it is larger when compared to other terrain vehicles. Carrying an impressive weapon combination, the Jackal can provide its crew with overwhelming firepower. For instance, the weapons combination between the Heckler & Koch 40mm grenade launchers, the 50 calibre (12.7mm) machine guns and the general purpose machine guns may provide this vehicle with increased efficiency on the battlefield. This weaponry can be added to the easy maneuverability of this vehicle thus transforming the Jackal into a flexible terrain vehicle that can perform in difficult ground operations.

Self Protection

The self-protection that can be provided by the Jackal covers a wide range of possibilities. For instance, the weather protection may come in the special form of the soft top that can cover the vehicle. The entire rear deck and the gun rings can be covered by using the fitted tarp. Also installed is a special box shelter that is mounted right on the bed and the vehicle can thus be transformed into an effective ambulance. Jackal incorporates the necessary full-integration system that can provide the increased protection of the crew. The armor plating is reinforced but the main defenses of the Jackal are its agility and mobility. This is why this vehicle is perfect for the southern zones of Afghanistan because easy maneuverability and increased speed are of paramount importance in those battlefields.

Fire Control and Observation Systems

By offering increased agility, mobility and protection, the Jackal manages to improve the fire control and the observation possibilities. The engine of this vehicle was designed in order to maintain an increased off-road speed. Therefore, this feature may extend the operator's ability to observe and identify the target. Jackal has an extended ability to operate across difficult terrains. It has an extended range of options when it comes to the fire control and observation when dealing with extreme and dangerous environments. The airbag suspension will provide the crew with a quite smooth ride even if the Jackal has to deal with a rough terrain. A more stable and effective firing platform will be provided thanks to this unique suspension system even if the Jackal is in constant motion. This revolutionary system was developed in order to help this vehicle to raise its weight more than 1 meter in order to clear its way. For instance, larger obstacles can be removed from its way and the occupants will be provided with a better view when it comes to their field of operations. The front line commanders will be provided with a greater flexibility when firing and observing the enemy lines. The awesome firing power of the Jackal can be used in an effective manner because the initial design of this vehicle was all about building a weapons platform that can be used effectively while the vehicle is moving. It has been reported that the Jackal can actually pack the same power as some tanks.

Engine / Propulsion

This terrain vehicle can operate in many different climates thanks to its propulsion system that improves its agility and performance on the rough terrains. Side view of Jackal in operationWith the 5.9 litre engine and its airbag suspension, the 7-ton Jackal has the capability of achieving a high speed. The top speed of the Jackal can reach 130km/h, almost 80km/h while off-road and its range will be over 500km's. This is possible thanks to the distinctive and unique airbag suspension system. This airbag suspension allows the Jackal to become a more stable and effective firing platform. The system can lift the entire vehicle more than 1 meter off the rough ground in order to clear the possible obstacles. A better view of the entire battlefield of operations will be provided to the crew.


The current upgrades of the Jackal have improved the capabilities of all the current weapons platforms. They offer an increased agility, mobility and protection thanks to their 5.9 liter engine. This engine was designed in order to maintain high off-road speeds thus increasing the Jackal's ability and range in order to operate across rough terrains. Extreme environments can be handled and this is the vehicle's huge and main advantage over its predecessors. The present upgrades consist of a unique suspension based on airbags. This system allows the operator to have a smooth ride even if he has to deal with rough terrains. The firing platform will stay stable even if the Jackal is in constant motion. Jackal has improved all the capabilities of its predecessor, the WMIK Land Rovers, a predecessor that is still used in Afghanistan and Iraq. The general facts about these upgrades show that the upgraded Jackal has a crew potential of 2 or 3 persons. Its length reaches 5.39m and its width reaches 2.00m. The present upgrades are ready to receive the newest Bowman communication systems in order to boost their performances on the battlefield.


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