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Future Warrior System
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Future Force Warrior System

Future Force Warrior is among the most popular American military demonstration projects.

This project uses highly advanced military equipment to create a new combat system that is effective and easy to maneuver. Future Force Warrior is the genuine proof that the fully integrated infantryman system can become a lightweight one without affecting the initial efficiency. The technology demonstration project was designed and developed for the next generations to use new military equipment and vehicles that can ease their military and combat tasks. The abilities to make informed decisions and to gather good intelligence were combined in order to create the successful project. Changing and sharing information is of paramount importance on the battlefield and this is the key to success when it comes to contemporary military operations. The system has advanced features allowing integration with vehicles and huge amounts of available information can be passed to the systems users.

Future Force Warrior System

The Future Force Warrior System was developed in order to take into account the fact that such important decisions may not come right from the top of the military hierarchy. The combat system increases the soldiers combat efficiency through improved firepower, positioning, targeting and navigation.

This project has already recognized the importance of having all the troops equipped with the necessary technology in order to provide themselves with a better insight to every possible surrounding. The real time view permits troops to observe the battlefield through a verity of feeds presenting friendly solider positions, terrain differences, possible geographic threats or advantages and possible enemy strength and location as well as a host of other vital tactical information.

The Future Force Warrior project consists of advanced and positional, mapping and information systems that are provided to each of the soldiers in order to enhance the necessary sighting, accurate targeting, the mandatory closed-circuit communication, range finding and night vision.

Future Force Warrior Program

The Future Force Warrior program also incorporates the lightweight body armoured systems in order to provide the troops with safer conditions on the battlefield. The network-centric combat system can provide the soldier's body with increased protection against bullets and mines.

This system is a wearable and integrated device that includes the compact radio for voice recording and text communication. The soldier will also be provided with a helmet-mounted display that has a computer screen in order to view all the available digital maps, and will also include a global positioning system for precise navigation. All these components are wired to the computer processor thanks to a series of special cables that are inserted in the soldier's clothing.

The main principle used by the Future Force Warrior is to try and increase the potential efficiency of each of the soldiers by providing him with everything he needs in order to control and redirect his positioning and navigation, accurate targeting and fire power. The future force warrior system improves the soldiers safety and the systems' abilities help reduce battlefield causalities and army efficiency as a whole.

The whole system is extremely effective and it has a wide range battlefield operations. There are plenty of NATO countries that are already using it because it is viable solution in the current world climate.

Future Force Warrior 2020

Tactical military systems undergo the necessary trial periods that will demonstrate their efficiency when deployed on the battlefield. The first phase of the Future Force Warrior has included the necessary technology that can reduce the fighting load carried by every soldier. This advanced technology can also improve his protection and his lethality when fighting. The situational and environmental awareness will also be improved and the final Future Force Warrior program will be released in 2020 (future force warrior 2020). This program envisions the constant and even radical use of all the advanced technologies in order for the troops to be provided with the best conditions. For instance, technologies such as the artificial powered exoskeletons, nanotechnology and the already known magnetorheological fluid based body uniform and armour are likely to provide the infantry with the necessary features that will increase its efficiency and accuracy.

The whole system is based on subsystems that will be introduced progressively in order to address the short-term requirements coming from the US army. The final design and program is planned to enter the American military system in 2032. The Future Force Warrior consists of the Headgear Subsystem (the situational awareness hub of the system), the Combat Uniform Subsystem (a subsystem designed to provide the full-body bullet and fragmentation protection), the Weapons Subsystem (a subsystem that resembles the pistol-like combat weapon that is mainly used for both indirect fire and direct fire), the Warfighter Physiological Status Monitor Subsystem (a subsystem that consists of an on-board physiological and medical sensor suit that was designed in order to monitor and collate the detailed information regarding all vital signs of the soldiers such as his body temperature, his heart rate, his blood pressure, his accurate hydration and stress levels, his sleep status, his body positioning and even his workload capacity as a warrior), the Micro-climate Conditioning Subsystem (a well designed network of narrow tubing that can provide 100-200 watts of heating or cooling to the warrior), the Power Subsystem, the Air Warrior Block 2 and the Air Warrior Block 3. All these subsystems will increase the operational capabilities thus enabling the soldiers to accomplish all their assigned missions in every type of battlefield condition.

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