Boxer armoured vehicle

Boxer MRAV Armoured Vehicle

ARTEC GmbH (Armoured Vehicle Technology) industrial group.

Boxer MRAV Armoured Vehicle

Boxer is a German-Dutch Multi-role Armored Vehicle (MRAV). It was designed to accomplish a series of operations by using the installable mission modules. The production is made by the ARTEC GmbH (ARmoured vehicle TEChnology) industrial group, and the program is being managed by OCCAR (Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation). Artec GmbH is seated in Munich.

Boxer MRAVBoxer Armoured Vehicle

Boxer MRAV Production / Design

The concept of the Boxer MRAV was started as a partnership between Germany, Britain and France. In 1999 France left the programme to pursue their own design, the VBCI. In 2001 the Netherlands joined the project signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

By July 2003 the partnership for building the Boxer MRAV remained between Germany and The Netherlands, because the UK Ministry of defense withdrew from the program, shortly after the start of the Iraq war, in order to focus on the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES). By 2004 each partner was to receive a prototype of the Boxer MRAV (including UK). The first prototype of the Boxer MRAV was delivered to Germany in 2002 and is undergoing evaluation trials in Germany. The first Dutch prototype was delivered in October 2003. The production deliveries were programmed for 2004, but because of many design changes it was delayed until 2008.

Boxer Armoured Fighting VehicleBoxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle

The first prototype was rolled-out in December 2002 and a further eleven pre-production models were tested. Production began in 2008.

The M577 of the Netherlands was to be replaced by the Boxer MRAV, of which the Royal Netherlands Army required 384, with the procurement confirmation of 200 in autumn of 2006. By December 2006, 272 Boxer MRAVs procurement were approved by the German Parliament. The Boxer MRAV was to replace the M113 and Fuchs Tpz 1 vehicles. The 472 Boxer MRAV the Germans and Dutch order are due to be delivered from 2009 (Germany) to 2011 (Netherlands).

The Boxer's design meant it to be an eight wheel MRAV capable of carrying out a variety of utility missions with maximum flexibility, due to the mission modules designated for different tasks. These modules were available separately from the Boxer MRAV. The modules interchanging is done within an hour, and all come with a primary safety cell with a triple floor.

Boxer MRAV General Specifications

Weight 25.2-33 tonnes
Length 7.88 m
Width 2.99m
Height 2.37m
Powerplant 1 x 530 kW MTU diesel engine
Max Speed 103km/h
Range 1,100 km
Crew 3 (plus 8 troops)
Armament 1 x 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher (primary armament)

Specific characteristics: German: 135 APC: Boxer GrpTrspPz;65 command post: Boxer FüFz (Führungsfahrzeug) 72 ambulance: Boxer SGSanKfz; Netherlands: 55 command post: Boxer CP NL; 27 cargo versions: Boxer CAR NL; 19 cargo and command post: Boxer CAR C2 NL; 41 engineer: Boxer GNGP NL; 58 ambulance: Boxer AMB NL.

The Boxer MRAV's shell is made of hard steel, and "modular armor" is placed between it and the vehicle cell. These are held together by fastening bolts. The modular armor is a specialized ceramic mix, but future versions of the armor can be fitted to the vehicle by slab replacement.

The hull protects against top attack bomblets and AP mines. It also has "hanging" seats that provide crew protection from explosions below the vehicle. The Boxer MRAV has advanced thermal, radar, and acoustic stealth technology.

Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV)Boxer Vehicle

The Boxer MRAV will work with a 530kW MTU engine which is linked to the automatic transmission by Allison. The eight wheeled drive has permanent function together with the all-around independent suspension. These special features of the Boxer MRAV, together with the central tire inflation system give the vehicle great mobility for the road and cross country terrain. The uniqueness of the Boxer among the armored utility vehicles is given by the unaided operational deployability, provided by the very smooth and quiet ride with the over 1,000 km road range capability.

Among all armored utility vehicles, the Boxer MRAV is known as a reliable and durable vehicle, which, thanks to the installable mission modules, can be used for a variety of tasks that satisfy many of the ground battle requirements.

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