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Facilities management is an interdisciplinary business process involving the organisation of integrated operations and services in airports, hospitals, offices, manufacturing facilities and other locations. Tasks relating to the provision of effective business environments and infrastructure include setting up and maintaining desks, workspaces, furnishings and IT services for staff and visitors, setting up equipment for workshops and presentations, overseeing maintenance and repairs on business equipment and resources and organising health, safety and cleaning services. HR-oriented tasks include arranging catering, marketing, coordinating with other staff members and consultants to improve employee efficiency and job satisfaction, engaging in green initiatives and PR projects and providing recruitment, accounting and hospitality services. Facilities management companies may be involved in high level decisions over managing assets and determining communications policies and may be employed on a operations and management basis to oversee specific tasks and services ranging from baggage handling to fire safety and site security. The organisations listed here offer facilities management services to improve business infrastructure, operations and organisation. more

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