how to write followable procedures

Why are People not Following Procedures ? Because they cant: How to Write Followable Procedures

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Human error is known to be the primary cause of quality and production losses in many industries. Although it is unlikely that human error will ever be eliminated, many human performance problems can be prevented. Human errors start at the design stage. Procedures play a vital role in human reliability.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand why people don't follow procedures, based on human behavior and the psychology of error.

It’s also important to understand exactly where the instructions weaknesses are so that procedures can be human engineered, improved and fixed.


Procedures are essential for both execution and audits. These should be written for users without missing relevant information for regulators. Usually, procedures have weaknesses that harm productivity, quality, and regulatory standing. By attending the webinar you’ll understand why people don't follow procedures and techniques for human error reduction and prevention.


SOP writing rulesContent developmentThe rationale for procedure useRegulatory compliance backgroundUniversal purpose of proceduresThe human perspectiveHuman error as a root causeThe thinking and reading processCommon mistakes and causesHow to create and maintain a procedureGoals of a procedureGood Procedure Writing practices (terminology, formats, layouts, mixed cases, steps content, familiar words, references, branching, conditional steps, and the use of “Precautions”, “Warnings” and “Cautions”)Procedure stylesUse of electronic information networks for procedure accessLEARNING OBJECTIVES

We will discuss how to create and maintain a procedure, starting from content development to formats designed for human error reduction due to procedures.


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