Telesales Training Course

Telesales Training Course

Suretrain 12/02/2019 to 13/02/2019 | United Kingdom, The Gables Hotel, Wotton Under Edge, South Gloucestershire
+44 08008401501

Telesales Training Course - Prospecting - Appointment Setting - Pipeline Building - Lead Generation


Who Would Benefit from this Telesales Training Course?

This Telesales Training Course is ideal for anyone who needs to use the telephone to generate prospects and fill their new business pipeline. it is ideal for learning how to book appointments or how to generate robust prospects for telephone sales.

Whether you are a dedicated telesales operative or a field sales person who needs to create appointments, then this lead generation training will show you how to do this effectively.

Key Benefits - What Impact Will It Have On Sales?

As a result of attending this programme, you or your delegates will understand how to:

  • Plan, manage and measure a telesales campaign.
  • Build effective relationships with receptionists, leading to gathering essential decision maker information
  • Create meaningful conversations with decision makers, leading to appointments or sales opportunities

The techniques taught in this cause will have an immediate impact on your pipeline. It has been proven many times that the gatekeeper engagement process can deliver 65 decision maker names and email addresses for every 100 calls made. This can immediately impact your conversion rates through to appointment or sale and can be used to feed your email marketing, leading to more sales.

The decision maker contact techniques create active engagement and interest in your product and service and creates opportunities to book appointments or to move the prospect to the next step remotely.

Course Content - What Will I Learn?

Course Content – Day 1 –  Telesales Campaign Planning and Gatekeeper Strategy

Telesales Campaign Planning

  • Understanding sales activity measurement and analysing conversion rates
  • Planning telesales activity
  • Creating a telesales campaign strategy

Receptionist / Gatekeeper Management 

  • Breaking down the telesales process between managing gatekeepers and gaining access to decision makers
  • Benefits of having a structured Gatekeeper process
  • Successful questioning techniques for gathering important information
  • Understanding people’s behaviours and reactions
  • What you can do to create an alternate reaction / behaviour
  • Delegates will undertake practical exercises to develop the skills learned in this section required for managing gatekeepers.  More information about this follows at the end of this overview. 

Course Content – Day 2 – Accessing and Influencing Decision Makers

  • Initial Contact with your Decision Maker
  • Create a structured process for accessing the decision maker and building a relationship
  • Learn how to create the optimum introductory email and create a template for future use
  • Prepare effectively for making your first call to the decision maker 

Qualification of your Decision Maker 

  • Advanced questioning techniques
  • Getting the information you need about a prospect’s current status
  • Developing credibility
  • Provoking thought and motivating change in the decision maker 

Presenting your product or service

  • Understand Features and Benefits
  • Making the connection between ‘Need / Feature / Benefit / Hook’
  • Closing
  • Trial close 

Negotiating an appointment or the next steps

Making the close

Handling Objections

  • Establish a structured process for handling objections
  • Identify key objections
  • Eliminate objections before they arise
  • Dispel objections with the LAP Technique 

Practical Application

All delegates will be required to bring full brief of their telesales duties and have a minimum of 20 cold leads to call during the training. These need to be of companies you have not done business with previously, that you would like to make contact with. You will need the company name and telephone number, as a minimum. Please also make sure that you bring a mobile phone that you can use to make these calls.

Live Calls

Utilising the data provided and the strategies learned practiced previously, delegates will conduct live calls to gatekeepers, to create appointments, sell the product(s), create awareness or develop client relationships as appropriate to the individual business.  Once again, where the facilities allow, calls may be recorded and played back for evaluation purposes.

Course Length

Our Telesales Training Course is run over 2 days.

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