Interview Questions and Pre-Employment Screening What Every Employer Needs to Know - Title VII, ADAADAAA, PDL, GINA, I-9s and Affirmative Action 2 Hour Boot Camp

Interview Questions and Pre-Employment Screening: What Every Employer Needs to Know - Title VII, ADA/ADAAA, PDL, GINA, I-9s and Affirmative Action: 2 Hour Boot Camp

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You need to hire new employees—and you’ve heard the war stories. One company was sued because the interviewer asked the wrong interview questions. Another got into trouble because of the pre-employment screening it used, and yet another received a charge from the EEOC relating to its use of criminal background checks.

These are just a few of the traps for the unwary employer during the pre-employment screening process. The hiring process is fraught with many hidden pitfalls. What can you do?


If you are looking to hire quality candidates and ensure that your process is legally compliant, then this webinar is for you!


Intro Brief Overview of federal anti-discrimination laws, Title VIIGender (including gender identity, sexual orientation), Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Religion, Race, ADA/ADAAA, Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), GINA, Affirmative Action, Are you a federal contractor/sub-contractor, Regulations, EO 11246Sec 503VEVRAA, Social Media, I-9s, Interview Questions, Illegal Questions, Examples, Ill-Advised Questions, DO's, Don'ts and Examples, Pre-Employment Testing: Medical Exams, Strength Tests, Skills Tests, Personality Tests


While asking the right interview questions can help you make the right hire for your company, asking the wrong questions can land you in legal hot water. Learning what to ask and how to ask will ensure that you protect yourself on both ends.


CEO’s, Senior Managers, Business Owners, Hiring Managers, All HR professionals, recruiters

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