Payroll Rules and Administration Made Simple  Latest Updates Including the Newly Proposed Overtime Rules

Payroll Rules and Administration Made Simple : Latest Updates Including the Newly Proposed Overtime Rules

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This webinar covers the complete framework of payroll administration and rules. It starts with the basic classification of workers properly classified as Contractors or Workers. Rules for payment and administration of contractors are outlined. Rules for classification of exempt and non-exempt employees based on FLSA.

Rules for payments to exempt and non-exempt employees are examined. Overtime rules are outlined for non-exempt employees in addition to record keeping & reporting for all employees.

The webinar stresses that payroll administration is only accepted if perfect. Achieving perfection in payroll processing is the overall theme of this webinar.


Payroll is the most important aspect of any business. It leads to employee morale. It must be perfect and comply with all the payroll rules and regulations. This webinar examines all the payroll rules of the FLSA and how to implement them to achieve perfection.

It is a simple approach to payroll rules and administration and guarantees to give attendees a good working knowledge of payroll rules & administration in simple to understand and apply tools & techniques.


Proper classification of workers as contractors or employees

Proper classification of exempt and non-exempt employees 

Importance of job description in implementation of new rules

Proper implementation of FLSA rules

Proper payment of exempt and non-exempt under FLSA rules

Achieving perfection with the implementation of FLSA rules

Identifying employees as exempt from overtime using FLSA rules in the categories of Executive Administration

Professional Salary and duties test under FLSA for exempt employees

The value of the job description and its proper preparation

Consideration of record keeping, accounting & reporting, policies & procedures

Proper payment to newly classified exempt and those that by default fall to the non-exempt category

How to handle non-discretionary bonuses consistent with paying overtime and the new overtime rules

New rules require adjustment in salary threshold of exempt employees


Simple understanding of payroll rules and regulations to include determining employees vs. contractors, guidelines & payment of contractors, definition of exempt and non-exempt employees, proper payment of exempts & non-exempts and proper payment of overtime and bonuses.

Summary aspects of FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), including understanding & analysing the new overtime rules and increase in exempt employee salary threshold.


HR Personnel

PR Personnel Supervisors



Planning & Budgeting Professionals

All positions involved in personnel or payroll administration and the supervision of personnel

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