Live Webinar on Reinvent  Disrupt  Retraining  Reskilling Workers to Augment Organizational Growth

Live Webinar on Reinvent & Disrupt : Retraining & Reskilling Workers to Augment Organizational Growth

Training Doyens 16/01/2019 to 16/01/2019 | USA, 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
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Reorgnaization and a change in business direction often cause a need of reskilling and upskilling for employees who have different skillsets. Join us to learn about:

A method for establishing what capabilities you need to make your business planA model for assessing if a current employee can learn the new skills required in the needed timeframe.Different reskilling strategies and development methods that can be used for on the job training, including job rotation programs, job shadowing, self study, social networks, gamification,     outside resources and microlearning strategies.


Business disruptions can occur when companies do not have the right employees available at the right time. Employees resign or are taken away from key positions for other reasons such as business growth or leaves.

Make sure that your organization can sustain current service levels and business continuity by developing reskilling strategies that will produce employees who are competent and instantly available to work in critical positions and roles within your organization.


The business case for reskilling. How to use reskilling and upskilling programs to retain high quality talent in your organization. How to select candidates for job reskilling. How to measure the results from your reskilling program


Find out how different methods of retraining and upskilling in the workplace help in implementing new business models within your company. Also learn the benefits of upskilling employees and how to implement reskilling strategies to create an internal talent pool.


Leadership Team. OD Staff. HR Managers. L & D Professionals 

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