International Congress of Radiation Research 2019

Conference Partners Ltd. 25/08/2019 to 29/08/2019 | United Kingdom, TBC, Manchester Central, Manchester, M2 3GX
+353 12969396

Radiation is a highly-developed field with an output that is applicable in many sub-disciplines of the life sciences. The Association of Radiation Research wishes to invite you to their sixteenth annual congress. The association wishes to gather leading-experts in the broad-field of radiation research to collaborate and network this August in Manchester.

The conference has four themes: 1) responses to DNA damage, 2) translational research, 3) Radiotherapeutic research, and 4) ecological health effects. The subject-matter of the conference includes, but is not limited to, the topics of: DNA repairs and the response to damage signalling, high LET/protons, chemistry, microbeams, hypoxia, immune system responses and the consequences for immunotherapy, human tissue damage, therapy involving particles, Molecular imaging, radiation protection, biomarkers, epidemiology and ecology.

For each topic there will be a chair and a sub-committee of under 10 members will be assembled to advise on the programme on that topic. Each sub-committee will have a representative from the United States, Japan, and Europe. Our aim is to insure diverse representation from all countries included in the IARR.

There will be 14 sessions across 4 days of the congress, with presentations and workshops from postdoctoral and tenured researchers alike. Expect presentations from Prof. Rob Bristow of the University of Manchester, Dr. Nori Nakumura of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation, and Prof. Amato Giaccia of the University of Oxford. Prof. Dudley Goodhead, Dr. Eleanor Blakely, and Prof. Penny Jeggo will also be presented with the IARR Henry S. Kaplan Distinguished Scientist Award, the ICRU Twentieth Gray Medal, ARR Weiss Medal respectively for their contributions to science.

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Time: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm




Registration- Early: GBP 576.0,


Registration- Late: GBP 648.0,


Registration- Onsite: GBP 720.0,


Student/Academics under the age of 35 years old- Early: GBP 360.0,


Student/Academics under the age of 35 years old- Late: GBP 420.0,


Students/Academics under the age of 35 years old- Onsite: GBP 480.0,


One Day- Early: GBP 192.0,


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One Day- Onsite: GBP 240.0,


Honorary Members Fee: GBP 420.0


Speakers: Prof. Rob Bristow (University of Manchester), Ted Lawrence (University of Michigan), Soren Bentzen (University of Maryland), Richard Wakeford (University of Manchester), Cristian Tomasetti (John Hopkins University), Prof. Fei-Fei Liu (University of Toronto), Prof. Dudley Goodhead, Lee Zou (Harvard Medical School), Gaelle Legube (University Sabatier), Marjan Boerma (University of Arkansas), Marie-Catherine Vozenine (University of Lausanne), Lindsay Morton (National Cancer Institute), Wayne Newhauser (Louisiana State University), Christophe Badie (Public Health England), Yoshiya Shimada (National Institute of Radiological Science, Japan), Dr. Eleanor Blakely (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), Sophie Polo (CNRS Université Paris Diderot), Jessica Downs (Institute for Cancer Research), Michael Hay (University of Auckland), Claire Rodriquez-Lafrasse (University of Lyon), Sarah Kerns (University of Rochester Medical Center), Javier Torres-Roca (Moffitt Cancer Center Tampa), John Boice (Vanderbilt University), Amy Berrington de Gonzalez (NIH), Tom Hei (Colombia University), Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff (UCSF, California), Meredith Morgan (University of Michigan), Randi Syljuasen (Oslo University Hospital), Mike Horsman (Aarhus University), Anthony Chalmers (University of Glasgow), Roel Quintens (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre), Susan Bailey (Colorado State University), Georg Iliakis (University of Essen), Jamie Honeychurch (University of Manchester), Christina Haston (The University of British Colombia), Sarah Baatout (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre), Xueqing Zou (Cambridge University), Sally Amundson (Colombia University Medical Center), Phuoc Tran (John Hopkins Medicine), Costas Koumenis (University of Pennsylvania), Marco Durante (University of Trento) , Tatsuya Ohno (Gunma University Heavy ion Medical Centre), Elisabeth Cardis (ISGlobal, Spain), Yulia Malova (Moscow, Russia), Kevin Prise (Queen's University, Belfast), Clare von Neubeck (Onco-Ray National Centre for Radiation Research, Dresden), Mohamed Abazeed (Cleveland Clinic), Marc Voojis (Maastricht University), Mike Joiner (Wayne State University, Detroit), Pippo Sanguineti (RE NCI, Rome), Serge Candeias (CEA, University of Grenoble), Kathalyn Luminicsky (OKI, Budapest), Prof. Charles Limoli (University of California, Irvine), Rick Britten (East Virginia Medical School), Kerry O'Banion (University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry), Elke Brauer-Krisch (European Synchroton Radiation Facility), Yolanda Prezada (CNRS), Eric Deutsch (Gustave Roussy, France), Quynh-Thu Le (Stanford University), Mike Wood (University of Salford), Kathryn Higley (Oregon State University), Don Jones (University of Leicester), Anderson Ryan (University of Oxford), Brian Marples (University of Miami), Carmel Mothersill (McMaster University), Cynthia Burrows (University of Utah), Marc Greenberg (John Hopkins University), Doug Spitz (University of Iowa Health Care), Marianne Koritzinsky (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre), David Kirsch (Duke University), Ioanna Papandreou (The Ohio State University), Marianne Aznar (University of Manchester), David Jaffray (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre), Jan-Jakob Sonke (Netherlands Cancer Institute), Nobuyuki Hamada (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo), Liz Ainsbury (Public Health England), Kotaro Ozasa (RERF, Hirocshima), Prof. Penny Jeggo (University of Sussex), Dr. Nori Nakamura (Radiation Effects Research Foundation), Olga Kovalchuk (University of Lethbridge), Wei-Guo Zhu (Shenzhen University/Peking University), Frank Pajonk (UCLA), Rob Coppes (University Medical Center Groningen), Philippe Lambin (Maastricht University), Heikki Minn (Turki University Hospital), Francois Brechignac (IRSN, Paris), Paul Schofield (Robinson College, Cambridge University), Phil Jones (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge), Daohong Zhou (University of Florida), Steven Lin (MD Anderson Cancer Centre), Alan Melcher (Institute for Cancer Research), Wolfgang Dorr (Medical University of Vienna), Peter van Lujik (University of Groningen), Mizuki Ohno (kyushu University), Yuri Dubrova (Leicester University), Ester Hammond (St. Hilda's, University of Oxford), Hiroshi Harada (University of Kyoto), Olga Martin (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Eric O'Neill (University of Oxford), Prof. Amato Giaccia (University of Oxford)






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