Molnár Institute

Intensive DryLab®4 Training for UHPLC Method Development – 3 Days

Molnár Institute 20/03/2017 to 22/03/2017 | Germany, Berlin, Berlin Germany
+49 30 421 5590

This course provides extensive training for the UHPLC method development by modeling under the use of the software DryLab4. Course participants are guided through a comprehensive method development process, starting with basic one-dimensional model calculations and continuing through multi-dimensional (3D) model optimizations.

rs learn to develop, adjust, transfer, and improve methods, focusing on decreasing run times while maintaining the desired selectivity. Furthermore, the course teaches participants to systematically develop robust methods with DryLab4 by creating multidimensional models depicting the interaction of up to twelve of influential HPLC parameters, resulting in better communication with regulatory agencies and faster market entry for new drugs. A part of this course is devoted to the topic Quality by Design in UHPLC method development. UHPLC users want to understand the QbD framework and how it relates to UHPLC method development processes, especially in regards to the submission of new drug applications. more

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