Blood-Brain Barrier B3DD Summit 2019

Blood-Brain Barrier (B3DD) Summit 2019

Hanson Wade 13/08/2019 to 15/08/2019 | USA, Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill, 5 Blossom Street, 02114, Boston
+44 2031418700

As drug developers seek to find and develop effective technologies for delivering therapeutics to the CNS, the Blood-Brain Barrier Delivery Summit (B3DD) has been developed to deliver the industry’s first conference dedicated to addressing the translational challenges of effective and safe delivery of CNS drug candidates.

With an emphasis on biologics, and built with the field's leading minds from the likes of Biogen, Genentech, Armagen and Denali, the B3DD Summit will unite over 60 industry stakeholders giving you the opportunity to develop new partnerships and build on existing relationships to ensure you have the connections to accelerate your drug’s development.

  • Assess the in vivo and in vitro models available to determine their predictability and prevent clinical failure- Evaluate CNS drug delivery approach success and toxicity in preclinical research to de-risk clinical trials- Discuss the challenges of quantifying drug target exposure to develop more accurate strategies- Evaluate the different technologies in development for CNS delivery to effectively cross the BBB- Explore the latest BBB technology innovations to build landscape awareness and make robust commercial decisions- Calculate dosage for effective treatment and maintained target exposure to allow effectiveness and account for toxicity- Learn about BBB biology in health and disease and how this may affect drug delivery in certain indications






Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 3797.0

Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 3398.0

Conference Only: USD 2899.0

Workshop(s) Only: USD 599.0


Speakers: Björn Bauer, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky, Allan Jensen, Senior Director, Biotherapeutic Discovery, Lundbeck, Andrew Goodearl, Senior Director, Biologics Discovery Group, AbbVie, Mathias Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, ArmaGen, Graham Marsh, Scientist I, Translational Biology, Biogen, Hao Cai, Associate Scientist, Genentech, Sophie Parmentier Batteur, Director, Neurodegenerative Diseases Discovery, Merck, Mario Mezler, Principle Scientist, AbbVie, Thomas Cameron, Associate Director, Biologics Drug Discovery, Biogen, Jordi Serrats, Associate Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Choi-Fong Cho, Instructor in Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School, Danica Stanimirovic, Director, Translational Bioscience Department, Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre, National Research Council of Canada, Frank Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, Ossianix, Larry Brown, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Noveome Biotherapeutics, Nathan Yoganathan, President and Chief Scientific Officer, KalGene Pharmaceuticals, Susan Rosenbaum, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lauren Sciences LLC


Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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