An Essential Overview of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

An Essential Overview of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

Management Forum Ltd 20/05/2019 to 20/05/2019 | United Kingdom, The Rembrandt Hotel, London, SW7 2RS
+44 020 7749 4730

Course overview

This programme will give you an invaluable overview of the Pharmaceutical industry, from discovery of the molecule through development to marketing. It will provide a step by step understanding of the main areas of drug development and will discuss the roles and responsibilities of key staff involved. You will be given a comprehensive glossary of the most commonly used industry terms which will be an invaluable reference to help you get to grips with the technical terminology and jargon.

Who should attend

All those wanting to achieve a better understanding of how the Pharmaceutical Industry works. The course will be particularly helpful for those wanting to understand what other departments do, for new staff working in the industry and for non-scientific and administrative personnel.

Why you should attend

  • Increase your understanding of the Pharma industry
  • Develop your knowledge of the stages of drug development from dug discovery through to marketing
  • Get to grips with the phases of Clinical Trials, Regulatory Processes and Pharmacovigilance Requirements
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of key department and how they work together
  • Demystify the technical terminology and jargonĀ 
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