21319 Expedia fmr. Product Lead on Customer Feedback Loops

2/13/19: Expedia fmr. Product Lead on Customer Feedback Loops

Products That Count + Zillow HQ 13/02/2019 to 13/02/2019 | USA, Zillow HQ, 1301 Second Avenue, Floor 30, Seattle 98101

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TOPIC: Expedia fmr. Product Lead on Customer Feedback Loops.

There's no substitute for direct user feedback in order to set the direction for your product development process. With more data available than ever before, how can product managers capture and analyze user input most effectively? Expedia fmr. Product Lead Anne Retterer will cover the top five methods for managing Customer Feedback Loops - with specific applications that product managers can use to guide their next product journey.

About The Speaker: Anne Retterer is the Founder and CEO of Mindspand - an online community that enables organizations to list course offerings and provide access to services for local customers. Prior to starting Mindspand, Anne managed the product portfolio at Expedia and established an investment fund for tech companies in Chile with Hambrecht & Quest (now JPMorgan Chase & Co.). Anne holds an MBA from UC Davis and currently lives in Seattle.


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