21319 Bazaarvoice Product VP on The Power of Pattern Recognition

2/13/19: Bazaarvoice Product VP on The Power of Pattern Recognition

Products That Count + Indeed HQ 13/02/2019 to 13/02/2019 | USA, Indeed HQ, Building 1, Cafeteria, 6433 Champion Grandview Way, Austin 78750

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TOPIC: Bazaarvoice Product VP on The Power of Pattern Recognition.

Every product manager dreams of coming up with the "next big thing." That said, there are plenty of inefficiencies that come with trying to reinvent the wheel with every product journey. How can product managers use lessons learned and emerging themes to streamline the creative process? Bazaarvoice Product VP Ezinne Udezue will discuss the Power of Pattern Recognition - providing product managers with a system to take advantage of known outcomes to create more effective solutions.

About the Speaker: Ezinne Udezue is the Product VP at Bazaarvoice - leading the product team focused on the company's brand portfolio. Prior to joining Bazaarvoice, she worked at Time Inc. as VP of Innovation and Platforms. In addition, Ezinne led the product team at Product Mind - a consulting firm with clients including Discovery Communications and National Public Radio. Ezinne is a graduate of Stanford University and currently lives in Austin.


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