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  • Petra Gerloff

    Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE

    Almost 30 years experience in Air Conditioning and CBNR Protection in different positions in the field of Defense. Starting in the construction, changing to Project Management and actually in the sales department.

  • Mark Landymore

    RPS Group PLC

    Mark is a Project Manager for RPS. His main areas of expertise are UXO Project Management, UXO Satellite Image Assessment & Desk Based UXO Research Provision & Risk Assessment. His client base inc. Shell, The Environment Agency & The Ministry of Defe...

  • Dr Michael Baker

    CSEM-BMP Centre for Sustainability Management

    Michael has expertise in specific clean technologies, coupled to a broader expertise in managing systems, energy and programmes that may be critical for business and government to meet the sustainability challenges of the 21st Century.

  • Graeme Rose

    707 Resource Management

    Graeme graduated with a degree in Environmental Management before moving into the waste management industry. He is now the MD of 707 - a company offering ethical waste management solutions.

  • Simon Edwards

    Merebrook Consulting Ltd

    Simon Edwards has worked in the field of contaminated land assessment and remediation for over 19 years and has significant experience in various aspects of marginal land reclamation, contaminated land and waste policy.

  • Tim Slaven

    AMEC Earth and Environmental

    Mr Slaven is a Chartered Surveyor and has worked in the Waste Management and Minerals and Quarrying Industries for 27 years. He has design and engineering skills in civil engineering, surface water management, leachate management and treatment plants...

  • Dr Deborah Huck-Jones

    Malvern Instruments Ltd

    Dr Deborah Huck-Jones is Product Manager for Analytical Imaging at Malvern Instruments with expertise in automated imaging for particle characterization, customer application testing, product demonstration, training and troubleshooting.

  • Dr Paul Kippax

    Malvern Instruments Ltd

    Dr Paul Kippax is Pharmaceutical Portfolio Manager at Malvern Instruments. A chemist and colloid scientist, he has long experience and in-depth understanding of particle characterization techniques including laser diffraction and analytical imaging.

  • Paul Geerarts


    Paul is the manager of sales and marketing for Conteno. Conteno specialize in military potable water systems, expeditionary drinking water, potable water in theatre and potable water deliveries. Paul is an expert on worldwide military water supply.

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