Lightweight Cross-linked Foam

Zotefoams plc

Zotefoams plc (LSE – ZTF) is the world’s leading producer of lightweight, cross-linked, closed-cell block foams.

These pure, consistent foams are manufactured using a unique environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion technology.  Zotefoams was the first to develop cross-linked polyolefin block foams and is increasingly using its production technology to manufacture foamed materials based on high-performance polymers.more

Based in Croydon, U.K., Zotefoams also manufactures in Kentucky, U.S.A. and markets its products worldwide through a global sales network. 

Azote® is the group brand for polyolefin foams while Zotek® is the brand for foams based on fluoropolymers, polyamides and advanced engineering polymers.

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foams are used extensively in packaging applications to provide lightweight protection and impact resistance. Zotefoams unique nitrogen saturation manufacturing technology produces foams with an outstanding combination of physical characteristics unmatched by foams produced with other expansion technologies.

Azote foams have a higher strength to weight ratio than most other foams enabling lighter grades to be used and thinner protection to be utilised.

The outstanding purity of Azote foams ensures that they are non-staining and will not harbour microbial growth and will not cause corrosion. These features make them a natural choice for many returnable transit packaging applications.

Cross-linked Foam

Cross-linking gives a foam enhanced physical properties… making it stronger for longer. Durability and long life are essentials in many returnable packaging applications and Plastazote cross-linked polyethylene foams are used widely in closed loop systems, particularly in the automotive industry.

Cross-linking also enables these foams to be moulded and thermoformed into both simple and complex shapes. This can be of great use in the production of tote inserts where part numbers, legends and logos can be thermally imprinted in the foam surface.

Luxury Packaging

The rich colour depth, along with the consistent cell size and structure gives Azote foams aesthetic appeal. This, combined with exceptionally low odour has led to them being used in many prestige, luxury retail packaging applications.

Typical uses are for packaging perfumes, drink, glassware and other breakables. These foams may be used solus or in combination with a wide variety of other packaging materials

The material is also the number one choice for case inserts where it’s appearance combined with its ability to resist compression and provide “grip” is much valued.

Military Specification Packaging

Zotefoams plc (LSE – ZTF) is the leading producer of lightweight military spec foam packaging… cross-linked, closed-cell block foams for general-purpose packaging, and explosives packaging use.

Zotefoams’ nitrogen expansion technology, used in their production of military grade packaging foams, produces high purity materials with exceptionally consistent cell structure and size.

A pioneer in the development of cross-linked polyethylene and EVA block foams, Zotefoams has expanded its capabilities to include foams based on advanced engineering polymers.

Zotek is the brand name for fluoropolymers, polyamides and advanced engineering polymers based foams. Azote is the group brand for polyolefin foams.

Zotefoams plc is a UK based company that also has a manufacturing facility in the US (Kentucky) and its products are created for global distribution.

Military Spec Foam

Zotefoams produces and releases foams against virtually all of the Defence standard Specifications.

Against DStan 81-116/3, (Grades A, B & C) the Company produces polyethylene foams for general-purpose packaging and to meet DStan 81-116/3 Type QX (Grades A, B & C) the Company produces polyethylene foams for explosives compatible packaging.

DStan 81-125/3 is the MOD specification for conductive foams while, DStan 93-117 lays out the requirements for static dissipative foams. Zotefoams manufactures grades that meet both these requirements.

DStan 93-101/3 details the MOD’s requirements for foams manufactured from high-density polyethylene. These more rigid materials are used extensively for military helmet liners. Zotefoams supplies a Plastazote HD grade to meet this requirement.

Static Dissipative Foam

Critical electronics devices, assemblies and military electronic equipment are known to be susceptible to "static zap". The damage can be catastrophic, or partial but either way, it can cause untold problems with equipment performance. Failure in the field from static damage is clearly unacceptable.

To overcome this potential problem, Zotefoams plc has introduced a permanently static dissipative, protective foam under the Plastazote brand. This foam incorporates a non-corrosive, totally encapsulated conductive component in its make-up that provides bulk conduction of static without the need for atmospheric moisture. This permanently static dissipative foam is insensitive to environmental conditions.less


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