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Zinsser Analytic GmbH

Established 40 years ago in Frankfurt, Germany by Werner Zinsser, Zinsser Analytic has evolved into an innovative company, well known for the production of flexible, customised, modular robotic liquid, viscous liquid and powder handling workstations, manual bench top synthesis systems, and high quality consumable items including scintillators.

Zinsser Analytic offers complete application solutions in a wide range of industrial fields – pharmaceutical, fine chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical, electronic, material science, food and beverage, personal care products, cosmetics and environmental monitoring. With global coverage, Zinsser Analytic is perfectly placed to provide a superlative level of support and service that our customers have come to expect.more

Liquid and Powder Handling

Modular Workbench Automation For Liquid And Powder Handling

Our workbench automation systems are custom designed from our range of available hardware tools ? liquid handling (nls – mls), powder handling (μg – g’s), viscous media dispensing, weighing, heating/cooling/mixing, capping/decapping, crimping, filtration, SPE, sonication for dissolution, pipetting and dissolution under inert atmospheres, pH monitoring and titration, in line evaporation, integrated analysis (LC, HPLC, GC, density & viscosity measurements), in line solubility control plus image analysis for workflow monitoring.Newly developed hardware and analysis modules are included where applicable to suit the exact requirements of the application for both functionality and required throughput. This gives rise to a wide portfolio of robotic workstations for compound development, solubility testing, polymorph and salt screening, formulations and blending, automated sample distribution and coating systems for diagnostic kit manufacture.

Chemical Synthesis Systems

Manual / Automated Chemical Synthesis Systems

From single reactor to parallel multi reactor systems, we supply a range of flexible, easy to use, manual bench top synthesis units designed for route scouting, screening, optimisationand scale up of synthesis reactions under inert conditions for all chemistries ? polymerisation, condensation, crystallisation, hydrogenation, carbonylation and catalyst synthesis. Our DryPette manual, hand held solid distributor can be used to directly dispense synthesis supports and solid reagents.Our automated synthesis workstations, for combinatorial processes in low and high throughput experimentation plus synthesis work up, are versatile allowing all synthesis methodologies ? solid and solution phase, polymer assisted, microwave assisted, cascade, catalysts, peptides, continuous flow ? in organic and inorganic chemistry. Final synthesis products can be evaporated with our range of IR vortex evaporators or rotary evaporators.

Liquid Scintillation Counting

Zinsser Analytic offers a wide range of plastic and liquid scintillators and ready?to?use safe cocktails. We also supply glass and plastic scintillation counting vials (Polyvials®, Minis®) with superlative sealing and storage trays for them. For sample preparation, a range of biological sample oxidisers are available for all throughput requirements – manually operated liquid scintillation counting systems for low throughput, and automated systems with in line efficiency checks for high throughput. We also offer a flexible low level scintillation counter.


Manufactured by our sister company in Stützerbach, we can supply more than 1,000 types and variations of microsyringe from 1μl to 50ml for precision sampling and dosage in chromatography, spectroscopy and preparation of standard solutions. We offer microsyringes for both manual use and for use with commercially available autosamplers, diluters, dispensers and liquid handling instrumentation. We also supply precision diluter valves for a wide range of commercially available syringe drives and an OEM syringe drive.

Vials and Bottles

Zinsser supplies vials and bottles manufactured from high quality materials such as virgin polypropylene or pure type 1 borosilicate glass for packaging, sample handling and sample storage. Polyvials® are our range of leak?proof plastic vials (1.5ml ? 250ml) in natural and black. Polyvials D® are wide mouth bottles for reagent packaging (15ml – 1000ml). MicroPolyvials® are for low volume storage.

Our dropper bottles (1ml to 125ml) dispense uniform drops and are available in natural, white and black. Our high quality glass vials (0.3ml to 40ml) are available with screw or crimp closures, in clear or amber glass, with or without bar codes and high recovery bases for maximum sample retrieval. We are distributors for Wheaton Science Products and also supply their full range.          less


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