Plastic 19-Inch Rack Cases

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The Zero Warrior Rackmount case is a rotomolded, double-entry case designed and engineered to provide complete protection for the most sensitive E.I.A. 19" rack-mountable equipment and instrumentation.

Your equipment is assured of security and protection- inside and out. Warrior rackmount cases meet the rigors of virtually all conditions including extreme temperatures, altitude, rain, sleet, snow, sand, dust - protection unparalleled in the industry.

Zero Warrior Rackmount caseFeatures

  • The rotationally molded polyethylene plastic delivers a shell that is exceptionally durable and resistant to rough handling and extreme environments.
  • The Warrior's elastomeric shock mounts provide the maximum in shock and vibration protection with over two inches of sway space.
  • Each Warrior frame provides a precise platform for all 19" rackmountable equipment and systems.
  • Our unique frame is a lightweight,high strength design for proven performance durability.
  • 90-degree corner locks provide security when lids are closed and latched. Maximum protection is given during rough handling and drops on any corner and in any direction.
  • Lid hangers are standard on all Warrior cases and provide convenient location for lid storage.

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