Museum Security, Painting Protection and Stand Alone Alarms


Xtra-Sense Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of unique alarm systems, security detectors, and wireless communication systems. These include:

Discreet and reliable security alarms and detectors for valuable exhibits and items on display. Systems have a wide range of application, are easy to set up and operate, and can be active 24 hours per day.

Stress security detectors for identifying attacks on ATMs, safes, doors, walls and ceilings.more

Communication systems for long range signalling in buildings using the existing mains power wiring.

Stand Alone Plinth Alarms

Xtra-Sense stand alone pedestal security alarms are ideal for protecting items on open display, such as sculptures, figurines, vases, clocks and other objects in museums, galleries, heritage sites, retail premises, exhibitions, trade fairs and offices.

Museum Security Technology

Xtra-Sense plinth / pedestal alarms detect and warn of attempts to remove any item from the plinth. Our stand alone alarms can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials ranging from fibreboard to quality hardwoods, according to requirement and budget.

The unit is wireless and fully portable, and no specialist setting up is required. Fitted with a wireless transmitter, it can be integrated into a larger security system.

Painting Protection Unit

The Xtra-Sense painting protection alarm products are designed to provide either a stand-lone alarm unit, or an alarm detector, that do not need to be attached to the painting to be protected. The painting protection units are not based on detecting vibration, and provide a high degree of immunity to false alarms from vibration.

The product range provides an excellent solution to applications where paintings are liable to minor movement caused by air flows, accidental knocks or cleaning, such as corporate art collections and in private residences.

Kit Alarms

Kit Alarm Systems provide a highly flexible and cost-effective solution to a wide range of security applications for larger types of displays, including alarms for display cabinets, display shelves and bookshelves, table displays, retail window displays, and church altars.

Uses of Xtra-Sense display alarms include security in museums, historic houses, heritage properties, shops, galleries, churches and libraries either as stand-alone alarms, or as detectors within an integrated security system.

The Kit Alarm components simply plug together to suit the requirement and can be dismantled and re-used. The display alarms provide an ideal alarm solution for temporary exhibitions.

Bank Security Equipment

The LFS Stress Detector has been specifically designed for detecting attacks on items such as ATMs, safes, doors, walls and ceilings, making it an ideal museum security alarm. Using a unique approach to the applications, the technology provides a reliable form of detection and simultaneously significantly reduces or eliminates the potential for false alarms.

Wireless Signalling Systems: Merlin and MSL

The Merlin and MSL wireless signalling products provide a means to communicate simple signals over long distances, within a building, through the existing mains power supply system.

The wiring provides a highly reliable signalling path, which is not affected by thick walls or changes in ambient conditions that can impact upon radio-based wireless communications.

The Merlin wireless signalling systems technology offers the potential for signalling through large buildings and between a collection of buildings on a site.

The Merlin and MSL wireless signalling products can simply plug into standard mains power points to quickly and easily create a communication path within a building. Applications include personnel help-call systems, local alarm systems, and remote control and switching systems.

Xtra-Sense Pad Alarms

Pad Alarms are a hybrid of the Plinth and Kit Alarm products, where the application may suit a combination of features from both types of system.



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