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WIPOTEC-OCS is a leading manufacturer path breaking the way of dynamic weighing and contamination inspection. Established in 1996 WIPOTEC-OCS expanded to a global player with subsidiaries and distribution & service partners all over the world - close to its customers. The OCS products enable precise and reliable dynamic weighing and X-ray scanning, offering rapid, accurate, 100% inline weighing. WIPOTEC-OCS offer checkweigher technology for foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics among.more

Other applications include freight and postal services, plus many other industry applications. Checkweighers are available for every application, with accuracies ranging from 1 mg to 1 kg according to the user's needs and specifications, using well designed modules and kits. Sales and services Offices as well as training centres are located in Witney/UK, Snellville Georgia/USA, Paris /France, Barcelona/Spain and Milano/Italy.

Pharmaceutical Inspection Conveyor

WIPOTEC-OCS is maintaining close contact between R&D and Production at one single site. This enables them to provide flexible and reliable solutions for 100% inline product inspection with unbeatable but yet affordable quality.

The Pharmaceutical sector has high demands and requires consistent product development and comprehensive validation support. WIPOTEC-OCS responds to this in a unique way by offering and outstanding reliable quality and a repeat accuracy second to none. This grants improved efficiency to the manufactures production lines.

Their Mark and Verification pharmaceutical inspection conveyor is the basis for a complete track and trace system.

Pharmaceutical Inventory System

Predominately used within the Pharmaceutical sector offering effective quality control, while safeguarding against counterfeit drugs.

This automated pharmaceutical inventory system consists of 3 stages; laser / ink jet coding or etching label / 2D data matrix, verification via integrated camera and check weighingto make sure it's complete before leaving the factory. The HC model is fully compliant to FDA's 21CFR Part 11 regulation. The new HC-A goes beyond and offers an even more user friendly operation by its 15" colour touch screen. With speeds up to 640 pieces a minute it serves the any application in the carton industry but yet with the highest precision seen by far. WIPOTEC-OCS offers also the right weighing solutions for individual tables, aerosol canes (like asthma sprays), tubes and bottles.

Beside many others, there is one unbeatable feature called Active Vibration Compensation. This unique technology overcomes vibrations created by external influences (i.e. forklifts, intermitting machines, instable grounds, etc.) that can affect the accuracy of weighing and would result in consecutive rejections and finally to machine stops.

Online Weighing Machines

WIPOTEC-OCS offers a complete range of automated online weighing machines, all suppplied from a single source. Products include:

  • Checkweighers - high precision checkweighers for industrial use in the areas of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, industry and Mail & Logistics
  • Checkweigher & Metal Detection Combinations
  • Special models in weighing technology
  • Metal Detectors
  • X-ray Scanners - reliable and precise
  • Catchweighers - Determining weight and volume in high-speed sorting machines
  • Weigh Cells
  • Machine integration

The complete range of performance

Advice, planning, project management, engineering and After Sales Service

  • Hotline for questions of maintenance and service
  • Maintenance programme according to the individual needs of the customer

X Ray Metal Detection

WIPOTEC-OCS designs equipment for all types of environment; machines within 'high-care' food areas require outstanding resilience to constant heavy and regular wash downs. As a result the HC-WD has IP 69K classification, to withstand such robust cleaning regimes using steam hoses, jet washers and search foams. It also meets the so called 'Supermarket Specification' (integrating X-Ray Metal Detection, special covers and sensors etc) easily and to the full extent.

WIPOTEC-OCS offers also solutions to the confectionary sector which has to guarantee the fulfilment of average weight laws to protect the end user. WIPOTEC-OCS serves these requirements with a 100% in-line check of products after closing the package at the end of line and providing feed back to the related filling machine. Thus the manufacturer benefits from a proven record and may avoid expensive overfilling at the same time.

X Ray for Food Safety

New to the WIPOTEC-OCS portfolio is the X-ray scanner (SC). Using an advanced technology base it serves companies within the Food industry with a reliable way to detect any kind of contamination such as stones, glass, shell fragments, bones and metals within products. Using X Ray for food safety, WIPOTEC-OCS systems help to reduce the so called fault rejects and avoids harm to and claims by the end users towards the manufacturer.

Dedicated Solutions for us are:

  • Food
  • Coffee
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery
  • Ready Meals
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Chocolate
  • less


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