Tactical Vehicle Air Conditioning

Complete Customized Climate Solutions for Tactical Mobile Equipment

Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE

Webasto is continually developing new products to provide efficient high quality cooling systems and heating technology for military systems and equipment. Our long experience in developing products that are suitable for extreme climatic conditions ensures ideal solutions for individual end-user requirements. Webasto can prepare your tactical vehicles and mobile shelters for extreme climates as well as demonstrate how our non-idling technology can result in significant fuel cost savings.

Tactical Vehicle Air Conditioning

On February 22.- 26. Webasto displayed its new customized heating and cooling concepts, as well as already consisting standard heating and cooling solutions at the IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Customers will have the opportunity to get more information about specific features of the new concepts at the fair. Webasto products will be illustrated and explained with the help of an interactive, 3D animated tactical vehicle and  tactical mobile shelter application. All Information material will still be available during the IDEX 2015 at the Webasto Booth and online after the industry trade fair.

For consisting products Webasto displayed the Thermo Pro 90 Engine Coolant Heater in a new industrial Design, the Vancouver which is a standard under-dash air conditioner, and the Air Top Evo 40 diesel air heater. In addition, new self-contained air conditioner concepts for commercial and high end applications will be featured.

Thermo Pro 90 HDD

The Thermo Pro 90 is the core component for tactical vehicle and equipment winterization. This product is designed to preheat coolant circuits in medium to larger sized engines and generator applications.

Air Top Evo 40/55

We offer a special defense variant of the diesel heating unit. In a protective metal case, it meets the current requirements of the DEF-STAN 59 - 41 and MIL-STD 461 F. It has an integrated control unit and is approved for various military fuel types. The air heater can be applied for various areas of operation.

Vancouver COTS Vehicles Air Conditioner

This integrated air-conditioning system creates pleasant conditions for the vehicle driver and crew. The Vancouver provides a cooling capacity up to 9.5 kW. This unit is very reliable and has a long service life.

Self-Contained Air Conditioner - Concept

With this air-conditioner, Webasto offers a cooling solution for containers and mobile tactical shelters of any size and dimension. This robust system excels in its simple installation, maintenance and servicing.

High End Vehicle Air Conditioner - Concept

This unique and high-performance air-conditioner concept is specially designed for defense vehicles. Its flexible, modular design provides a range of cooling capacities along with various mounting orientations and versatile connection options.

Tactical vehicles have to work during operational deployments in harsh climatic conditions. Therefore it is imperative that they are equipped with reliable and rugged equipment that is easy to install and maintain. Webasto systems ensure the right degree of humidity and temperature for crew and tactical equipment.

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