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“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink”

     Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner


We are all very much aware of the need for safe drinking water; this is no great secret. The ability to continuously supply safe drinking water to soldiers operating in a war theatre is, as important, if not more so, than the supply of ammunition and other ordnance. Without drinking water, morale, performance, and health levels drop with the potential for the ultimate disaster of loss of life.more

Recent tradition has entailed the deployment of bottled or trucked portable water to the war fighter and their support units. The logistical cost and risk for such an exercise in a war theatre is naturally, extremely high. To transport a truck full of water requires, not only the truck, but the protection support, to ensure the precious cargo reaches its destination, of which will inevitably traverse a high risk area. Water supply convoys make an easy spot and a naturally high value target to the enemy. The US army calculated a factor of 0.042 casualties for every fuel or water related convoy, that’s one casualty for every 24 convoys. Their calculations also suggest a deployed cost of bottled water can be up to £1.20 per litre. As you can imagine, the stacked costs of resources and personal equipment, with all of the associated risks, make water delivery an expensive and dangerous business.

Why not purify water that is already available?

In most instances water sources can be found locally, be it lakes, rivers or an untrusted municipal supply. To this end, the team at Wananchi have developed a range of portable water purifiers, of a quality standard fit for a military environment. All of our water purification systems have been designed to be as tough as possible to survive a whilst simple to use. They deliver good tasting, safe drinking water direct at source whilst having the ability to produce this water as low as £0.001 per litre and removing almost all logistical cost and risk.

From our leader in class of our Séon UV man portable fresh water system using state of the art LED technology to our trailer mounted Séon TRO Seawolf desalination system through to our Séon UVT high turbidity, fully automated containerised versions, we have an answer to your water problem.

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