Naval and Military Communications Systems


Vitavox (a division of Secomak Ltd) has been designing, manufacturing and delivering a range of tactical audio-communication systems to MoDs for over 80 years, and remains one of Britain’s few true manufacturers of audio defence equipment. Ranging from loudspeakers to microphones and intercom systems to headsets, Vitavox produce both off-the-shelf and bespoke military communication equipment. more

Military Public Address Systems

The Vitavox Outacom™ public address system is a shock proof, blast proof, military proven vehicle mounted public address system that has been designed and developed as a battlefield innovation, to reduce the risk of unintended civilian injury and collateral damage.

The complete Outacom system comprises of two externally mounted loud-hailers, a Public Address Sound Amplifier Module (PASAM) that is mounted inside the vehicle and a B90 microphone. The vehicle commander can tactically communicate up to 300 metres outside of the vehicle, whilst remaining safe within. The complete system is extremely rugged, powerful and weatherproof (IP67) and includes a patented secure interconnectivity with internal communications systems, separate rugged microphones, flash memory, MP3, and secure radio.

A bespoke variation of the Outacom public address system will be mounted onto the new fleet of Scout Specialist Vehicle used by the UK MoD. The system has fully completed development testing, exceeding the performance, durability, EMC and environmental requirements for both DEF STAN and MIL-STD.

The Outacom PA System will allow armed forces to respond to challenging situations by communicating with civilians and bystanders, which reduces the risk of using lethal force and thus avoiding needless collateral damage.

Vitavox Bone-Conducting Headset

Vitavox has designed, developed and manufactured a new headset system based on the concept of bone conduction. This new innovation allows the user to have a completely open ear canal for optimum situational awareness with no loss of radio comms. The System consists of a Vitavox Bone Conduction Headset (VBCH); Vitavox BCH Control Unit; and any choice of Basic User (BU) type earplugs. The Vitavox Bone Conducting Headset separates hearing protection from radio communications.

Noise Cancelling Headsets & Headphones

The Vitavox naval headsets and headphones act as ear protectors in hostile and high noise environments. The noise attenuating high-grade plastic provides passive noise reduction > 87dB, ideal for submarines and below deck areas.

  • UHF Receive Only Headset is a military grade headset was designed for the Astute Submarine Programme to replace the current magnetic loop main broadcast systems. The headset operates at 846.5MHz, but can be customised to alternate channels depending on the user's specifications, and is capable of receiving continuous broadcasts for up to 60 hours (2x AA batteries).
  • Magnetic Loop Receive Only Headset offers the same qualities as the UHF headset, but can be used in conjunction with the ship's main broadcast magnetic loop system. The unit provides continuous communications broadcasts for up to 72 hours, and 120 hours standby (2x AA batteries).

Loudspeakers & Loud Hailers for Military Use

The Vitovox Loudspeakers & Loud Hailers have been used by the British Army & UK Royal Navy for more than 80 years. They can be used as public address or intercom loudspeakers which can be mounted to maritime vessels to form part of an integrated communication system, or on to armoured fighting vehicles as part of an Outacom Public Address system.

  Waterproof Shockproof Weight Pressure Proof Dimensions (mm) Output Power
Main Broadcast / Intercom Loudspeaker & Loud Hailer IP67 70G force 8kg N/A 268 dia. x 195 depth Up to 30w
Compact Talkback Submarine Loudspeaker and Microphone IP68 70G force 17.59kg 69 bar, 2300 ft 180 dia x 165 depth Up to 20w
Watertight Submarine Loudspeaker and Loud Hailer IP68 70G force 41kg 69 bar, 2300 ft 356w x 368h x 264d 1, 2, 4w
Lightweight 3" Rugged Loudspeaker IP67 70G force 270g N/A 84 mm dia. 4w
Compact and High Power Loudspeakers IP56 N/A From 3.85kg N/A From 231w x 155h x 155d Up to 2500w

Emergency Handsets & Microphones

Vitavox's range of military grade microphones are waterproof, shock proof and come as both ATEX approved versions for use in explosive environments and noise cancelling versions.

  • The Battery-Powered Emergency Handset is designed as a back up to all main communication channels. Multiple handsets can be configured to create a stand-alone non-interfering channel that can be configured for many different purposes. With approximately 12 hours of constant use and a ‘press-to-talk’ switch, this communication channel can also be used as an alternative to the ship’s main broadcast system, to avoid clogging.
  • The Type B60 is intended for use in hazardous environments due to its robust construction and extreme ability to withstand shock, explosion and total salt water immersion.  An ATEX version of the B60 microphone is available for use in potentially flammable and explosive operational environments with the same specification.
  • The B90 Microphone is a watertight, shock proof, hand-held press-to-talk microphone that is intended for use in the harshest naval and military conditions. It is fully watertight and may be supplied with alternative cabling and optional stowage solutions. The B90 also comes as a noise cancelling version, however this is not watertight.

Modular Intercom Systems

  • The Vitavic 400 is a software defined tactical communications system that can be used from inside and outside all military, paramilitary and light strike armoured vehicle. The Vitavic 400 intercom can host up to 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios (both current service and future issue).
  • The Outacom Control Unit (OCU) is used as a Sound Amplifier Module for the Scout SV programme. With individual input and output controls the OCU can control the external output modules (EOM) through an isolating switch function. The OCU can be used as a ‘plug & play’ with the EOM Loudspeaker and Noise Cancelling Microphone. A 5 Watt version of the Outacom Control Unit is also available.
  • Military communications specialist, Vitavox, introduce a new addition to their product range – the Outacom Vitavic 600. Specifically designed and developed as a tactical public address system for messaging and alarms, this kit is a variant to the patented Outacom™ PA system.
  • This vehicle mounted PA kit is rugged and powerful making it very reliable military kit in harsh warfare conditions. The Outacom Vitavic 600 enables the vehicle commander and any other trained personnel to programme a recurring voice message in any language, which is then passed through the externally fitted Vitavox loudhailers. Reaching up to a distance of 300 meters, the kit allows army personnel to communicate with the public from within inside the vehicle – increasing safety and public order.
  • Vitavox introduce a standalone tactical vehicle radio monitor and broadcaster – the Vitavic 300. A rugged tactical interface for the connectivity of up to any 3 combat net radios, the Vitavic 300 is a cheaper solution for radio monitoring and broadcasting due to its capabilities without the need of a vehicle intercom system. Comprising of a Radio Monitor control unit with a built-in speaker, and a microphone, the vehicle commander or any other trainer personnel can communicate to one of the selected radios. The built-in speaker eliminates the need for a headset but the capability is still there if we required.
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