The 'Hummingbird' FDA Class 1 Medical Device - Fibromyalgia

Vital Motion

Registered with the FDA as a “Class 1” medical device. Granted a device patent by the U.S. Patent Office. Based on simple, but powerful, medical science. Already helping people across America find relief from fibromyalgia symptoms


There is some simple (but crucial) medical science that led to the breakthrough of the Hummingbird. Here’s how your body works:

Your “soleus" muscles (one in each calf) help ensure that your blood is efficiently pumped from your lower body up through your heart and all the way to your brain.

When your soleus muscles do NOT work to maximum efficiency, blood pools in your legs.

The effects of not getting good blood flow to your brain, joints, muscles and other vital areas of your body? Fibromyalgia symptoms.



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