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Visio Ingenii (VI) is a specialist supplier of machine vision intelligent solutions for applications in security, defence, transport, retail and medicine. Their goal is to improve safety and security by developing powerful, relevant and timely intelligent technologies.

VI's experienced staff have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the diverse requirements for intelligence technology with users ranging from retail stores to intelligence leaders and front line troops. Visio Ingenii have developed a broad portfolio of image processing, computer vision and augmented reality software for surveillance, data management and simulation.more

Visio Ingenii design computer vision systems with a focus on robustness and accuracy for sophisticated high-end, mission-critical applications pertaining to

  • Object and Pattern Recognition
  • Dynamic Object Tracking
  • Augmented Reality

These highly self-intelligent systems are further more branched out to provide solutions for various industry. This includes:

  • Border Security
  • Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Detection and Monitoring
  • Brand Analytics¬†
  • Automated Video Surveillance
  • Visio Ingenii Augmented Reality Technology
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Security Forensics

Object Recognition Technology

Visio Ingenii develop sophisticated object recognition technologies to identify objects of interest in real-time, even in crowded environments, or in areas with shifting, or variegated lighting. VI's recognition engine (VIRE) can recognise multiple objects in a single view based on training images presented in advance up to an accuracy of 97.3%.

The Visio Ingenii Augmented Reality (VIAR) system creates composite scenes from real-time images and archived data, allowing users to interact with the world in an entirely new way.

VI's Face and facial features recognition systems allow the identification of one person from a large database of faces, even in areas of varying lighting, from a range of viewing angles.

Potential applications of Visio Ingenii's object recognition technologies include:

  • Face and Facial Features Recognition
  • Baggage Identification
  • Theft Detection
  • Consumer Statistics and Analytics
  • Brand and Logo Detection
  • Product Identification and Information Display

Tracking Objects and People

Visio Ingenii deliver state-of-the-art software for detection of both rigid and flexible targets, enabling the recognition and tracking of objects and people alike. The system can work with both stationary and moving cameras, even in poor lighting, adverse weather and when targets are partly obscured.

VI's object tracking systems can track objects effectively even if they are obscured for a brief period of time. The system can function effectively even when both camera and tracked object are moving, and accelerating - for example while a helicopter is tracking a moving vehicle.

VI software solutions enable a person to be recognised and tracked across multiple cameras, even in relatively crowded scenarios where a person the camera view may become obscured for a few seconds at a time.

VI also deliver facial recognition software that can detect human faces in scene and determine whether any of them match any person in a pre-set list. Tracking solutions available from Visio Ingenii include:

  • People Tracking
  • Rigid Object Tracking
  • Face Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Monitoring and Detection

VI Software allows real-time monitoring and detection of people, human activities, vehicles, smoke and fire from CCTV footage, in real time. Activity detection software, for example, could enable the detection of intruders into a secure area, even in areas of changing weather and illumination, or in a night time environment, using infra-red cameras.

Vehicle detection software can detect parked vehicles and track them through busy environments with fluctuating illumination. Applications include traffic management, congestion-handling and the detection of terrorist activities.

VI people detection and counting systems support applications ranging from home security and riot detection to tracking of consumer footfall in retail scenarios and people counting during a fire drill.

Visio Ingenii image processing technology supports effective fire and smoke detection with an impressive accuracy level of 99 percent and a false positive rate of under one percent. The technology can be used either indoors - protecting buildings such as hospitals and schools, or outside, for example protecting against forest fires, which conventional systems find difficult to detect. Typical real-time monitoring solutions include:

  • Activity Detection and Monitoring
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Smoke and Fire Detection
  • People Detection and Counting

Visio Ingenii work at the cutting edge of machine vision research and development, collaborating with clients to develop initial concepts into working, commercial applications. Contact Visio Ingenii today for more information on the range of security software available, or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.less


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