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Virtronix – the virtual tour company bringing buildings to the customer.

Browsing for a venue just got easier

Looking for the ideal location for an event is never an easy task. Whether it be a wedding, a corporate event or a first date, picking the right location can be crucial and many locations must be scouted before the perfect spot can be chosen.
Virtronix, a leading company specialising in 360° virtual tours, allows an individual to scout many locations without leaving the comfort of their desk. Using specialised technology and clickable content, this new company is breaking the boundaries of what can be achieved in terms of virtual reality tours.
The company, having just celebrated its first birthday, uses cutting edge photographic technology and computer graphic systems in order to recreate a location, both inside and out, in astonishing detail.
The technique is known as digital twinning and was originally created for real estate, but when Richard Jackson and his team came across it they decided it could be put to use in better ways and have since created a digital twin of many structures; including churches, schools, hotels, restaurants, buses and their current project – a large multi-function conference venue and convention centre.
How does their method differ from their competitors? Well, with the specialised way in which Virtronix capture their images, they display the scale of a space in terms of height and depth, giving a true reflection of a space in a way that the client can work with. They also employ an interactive function that they dub ‘bricks for clicks’ meaning a client can, for example, click on a restaurant table and read the menu, or book that specific table. They can read reviews or write their own. A client is able to see a space dressed for a certain event – a wedding, a conference or a party so they can gain a clear view of what they are working with.
Not only do the Virtronix team know how to beautifully capture the interior of a space; they have also obtained a drone licence, meaning they can capture photographs from the air, giving a clear view of any grounds that may surround the building in question.
How does this technique work? The Virtronix team has a specialised camera mounted on a tripod. The camera is similar to an old style camera in that it takes a box form. The camera rotates and takes pictures, as well as emitting a laser that maps the room. Once this is done, the camera is moved a few feet where the process is repeated. In a room measuring 1000 square feet, some twenty images are captured per foot.
Post production takes a surprisingly short period of time, with the aim being from the day of scan to a model being presented to the client taking up to 48 working hours. The client then decides where they would like their digital hot spots to be and depending on complexity, the project can be completed within a week. The file then becomes sharable anywhere.
Though still in its infancy, Virtronix still has big dreams. They would like to be seen as industry experts delivering this kind of product. They are already gaining a name for themselves as a reputable, reliable company within their field. They would like to develop what they do further and capture more complex and intricate spaces.
It is clear that Richard Jackson and his team have a highly valuable product that will take them very far within this industry, leading them directly to the top.

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