Aviation Jet Fuel Filter/Separator Testing

Parker Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division

Velcon Filters, LLC. is pleased to announce the successful completion of a qualification test for the “API/IP 1581 Specification and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Jet Fuel Filter/Separators, Fifth Edition” as follows: 

Category C, Type S-LW with 1⁄2% Water
Filter/separator vessel model # HV2460 at 1065 gpm (4031 lpm)
With 6 x I-656C5TB Coalescers and 2 x SO-648V5 Separators

This is Velcon’s 16th successful completion of the API/IP 1581 qualification requirements for the fifth edition of this specification. 

Velcon Filters, LLC. has been the leader in the fuel filtration industry for over 50 years. To upgrade your existing facilities, or to install new API/IP 1581 5th Edition equipment at your location, please contact your authorized Velcon distributor.

Velcon Filters, Inc.
API/IP-1581 5th Edition Completed Tests
Date Test Vessel Flow Rate
Category Type* Coalescers Separators 3rd Stage
Jan-08 HV2460 1065 C S-LW 6 x I-656C5TB 2 x SO-648V5 N/A
Apr-07 HV1633 240 M S 3 x I-633MMTB 1 x SO-436V5 N/A
Sep-06 HV3256 1250   S 9 x I-656MMTB 3 x SO-648V5 N/A
Aug-05 R11 OshKosh 600 M S 15 x I-440A4 15 x SI-542 N/A
Nov-04 HV2856 800 M100 S 5 x I-656C5TB 6 x SO-633GS 30 x CDF-230K
Oct-04 HV2856 1130 C S 7 x I-656C5TB 2 x SO-648V N/A
Jun-04 HV2856 1080 C S 7 x I-656C5TB 2 x SO-648V N/A
Apr-04 HV4256 2330 C S 17 x I-654C5TB 7 x SO-648V5 N/A
Oct-03 R11 OshKosh 600 C S 15 x I-440MM 15 x SI-542 N/A
Sep-03 VV4256 2500 M S 18 x I-654C5TB 8 x SO-646V5 N/A
Jul-03 HV2856 1000 C S 7 x I-656C5TB 2 x SO-648CM N/A
Jun-03 HV2856M 1312 C S,S-LW 7 x I-656C5TB 2 x SO-648V N/A
Jun-03 VV2752B 900 C S 7 x I-644C5TB 3 x SO-644V5 N/A
Apr-03 AAE 2000 C S 50 x I-620MM 20 x SO-620C N/A
Dec-02 HVS2628M 3-stage 600 M100 S 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS 40 x CDF-215K
Nov-02 HV2856 1000 M100 S 7 x I-656A4TB 2 x SO-648CM N/A
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