Aviation Fuel Filtration, Condition Monitoring, Ground Fuel Handling

Parker Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division

Parker HFFD (formerly Velcon Filters, LLC) is an industry leader in fuel filtration.

For over 60 years, Parker HFFD has been manufacturing a complete range of filtration and separation products suitable for a variety of fuel handling applications within the commercial and military aviation industry.

The primary filtration process developed by Parker HFFD provides clean, dry fuel through Parker Velcon micronic vessel and prefilter products, ensuring fuel is free of particulate and water to meet and surpass the strict specifications within the industry.more

In addition, Parker HFFD develops and supplies fuel condition monitoring solutions for fuel handling in the aviation industry such as:

  • Velcon Contaminant Analyzer
  • Flow Differential Pressure Module
  • Differential Pressure Module
  • icount Particle Analyzers: icountBS, icountACM20, icountFS, icountPD

All Parker Velcon aviation solutions have the support of an excellent team of sales and customer service agents skilled in providing the best possible service to ensure that each client receives the right product the first time.

Aviation Fuel Handling

Aviation fuel handling companies reduce operating costs and improve profit margins by using current technology in filtration and electronic monitoring products. Parker Velcon products offer aviation fuel handlers the highest quality filtration systems for delivering clean, dry fuel while improving upon operating costs with added benefits.

As a global leader of filter manufacturing, Parker HFFD regularly consults with regulatory publications and specifications to ensure compliance with recognized industry standards while, at the same time, developing cost effective deliverables.

Micronic Vessels and Prefilters

Parker HFFD produces a range of products designed to save on operating costs while reducing overhead. The first of these are micronic vessels and prefilters. Micronic filter vessels, often referred to as prefilters, are capable of extending the life cycle of the fuel when used in conjunction with high capacity FOH filters. The effective solution, improves the life cycle of coalescer filters during the second filtration stage by preventing harsh particulates from bypassing downstream.

The design of Parker Velcon micronic vessels and prefilters removes most solid particulate, present within the fuel stream, which can decrease the efficiency of the coalescer. Using FOH filters makes it possible to deliver three times more capacity compared to regular filters and, therefore, lasting three times longer. In addition, there is no need to change prefilters as frequently, which helps to bring down overall operating costs.

Velcon Contaminant Analyzer

The development of the VCA was a joint venture with Physical Sciences Incorporated (PSI). The laser-sensing device enables fuel handlers to perform in-field fuel analyzing and allows for simultaneous detecting of solid particulate and water. By combining the VCA sensing capabilities with a microprocessor, it becomes possible to ensure the fuel delivered is both clean and dry. Should the VCA detect an exceeded ISO standardization of either particulate or water in the pipe, the flow of fuel will halt, which then alerts the operator to take corrective action.

Increasing the products flexibility further, is the integration of the VCA® in a Cla-Val™ Control Valve (VCA-CV), which reduces installation costs and offers a reliable quality control solution without increasing downtime. The combined VCA-CV system still offers an automatic shutoff when detecting contaminated fuel, giving the operator the ability to take proactive steps to ensure only quality fuel reaches the aircraft.

Flow Differential Pressure Module

The FDPM is a requirement by the ATA 103 and capable of automatically calculating a cartridges correct/normalized differential pressure (DP) when operating at a rate lower than maximum flow.

By carrying out these calculations automatically, the FDPM reduces the need for trained personnel and therefore eliminating the risk of human error in the field. The FDPM measures and assures that the filters function at optimal levels at all times. Should a filter exceed its product life cycle, flow is automatically cut-off and alerts the operator to replace the filter.

Differential Pressure Module

The DPM control unit continuously monitors the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of a filter monitor or filter water separator vessel. Whether static or onboard hydrant carts or refuelers, the DPM monitors the condition of the filter elements. In the event that the filter differential pressure reaches maximum allowable pressure, the industrial strength relay onboard the DPM control unit breaks the deadman circuit, effectively terminating the refueling operation. The system can only be overridden by inserting a supervisor key as specified by the JIG No. 58 bulletin. The DPM can also be placed in an override status in order to conduct the required DP Gauge free movement test

  • Low Cost
  • Simple Installation
  • Full Compliance with JIG Bulletin No. 58
  • Mobile or Fixed Installation
  • Removes Human Judgment Regarding Condition of Filters
  • Works with a Variety of Pressure Inputs Including Differential Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers and Momentary Switches
  • Easy Upgrade to Flow Differential Pressure Module (FDPM®) MKII (monitors "flow corrected" differential pressure)

The Parker Velcon Differential Pressure Module (DPM™) - discussed here - helps customers to comply with JIG Bulletin 58 and this letter from IATA.

Icount Particle Analyzers

Parker's Icount products represents the most up-to-date technology in solid particle detection. Utilizing laser based, leading-edge technology, each Icount product is design to provide you the most accurate data in the shortest time possible.

The IcountACM20 is the first fully functional particle counter approved for use on aviation fuel. The IcountACM20 is calibrated to DEFSTAN 91-91 Issue 6 Jet A-1 fuel specification and Energy Institute Test Method IP 564. The on-board pump and rechargeable battery enables the IcountACM20 to be completely mobile and is ideal for field testing applications such as fuel storage, vehicle tanks, or fuel storage drums.

The IcountBSplus is the bench top solution to fluid contamination bottle sampling. For applications where bottle samples are available, the IcountBSplus can provide results within several minutes. The IcountBSplus can be configure for on-line or off-line function or be completely mobile with its on-board compressor and rechargeable battery.

The IcountFS is the portable condition monitoring for fuel systems. With on-board rechargeable battery and flow management pump, this compact unit provides the idea solutions for remote testing or sample directly from the source. 

Parker's dedicated on-line particle detector, IcountPD, is uniquely designed to be ultra-compact while utilizing the same laser sensing technology as the previous three Icount products. The IcountPD is designed for on-line application and provide continuous analysis of fuel condition. The IcountPD is a cost effective solution in prolonging fluid life and reducing machine downtime.

Ground Fuel Handling

Parker HFFD, through a partnership with Cla-Val™ and Parker's Industrial Hose Division, provides premium ground fueling equipment including:

  • Aircraft Refueling Nozzles
  • Pressure Control Couplers
  • Hydrant Pit Valves
  • Aircraft Refueling Hoses

From the tank farm to the wing, Parker HFFD solutions ensures CLEAN DRY FUEL.less


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