Vanderlande’s STACK@EASE to be installed at Heathrow Airport


Veghel, 27 January 2014 - Vanderlande has been awarded a contract to supply and install 72 STACK@EASE units as part of Heathrow Airport's Terminal 3 integrated baggage (T3IB) system. This follows a recent successful test of the innovative product at terminals 3 and 5.


Developed by Vanderlande in 2013, the STACK@EASE is a highly flexible solution that takes the heavy lifting out of loading operations in baggage handling environments. It works intuitively as an extension of the handlers’ normal operations to minimise their physical workload. This helps to increase productivity and reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.

The STACK@EASE unit takes its power from any standard wall socket and has a compact design with a minimal footprint. This enables it to fit easily into baggage handling systems around the world with a minimum of disruption to existing layouts.

During the test, the STACK@EASE proved that it was capable of maintaining the required load rate and needed minimal intervention from the maintenance team. This was demonstrated to a number of VIPs – T3IB baggage stakeholders from Heathrow, Vanderlande and British Airways – at the test, in which 12 units were used to load a number of flights.

Cobalt Ground Services’ Baggage Training Duty Officer, Anand Sood, commented on his experience of using the STACK@EASE: “I didn’t really believe it at first, but the process was just as fast using the STACK@EASE as it was by manual loading – with so little effort. I could do my job in this way all day long. The movement I make with the STACK@EASE feels so natural that I don’t have to force it one way or the other, as it automatically gauges the weight of the load and counterbalances it.”

Director and General Manager of Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd, Nick Porter said: “We are delighted with Heathrow’s decision to install the STACK@EASE in T3IB. With its low environmental impact and simple operation, the unit has a minimal impact on the planet, while creating a better working environment for baggage handlers.”

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