Vanderlande Industries Celebrates its 60th Anniversary


In 1949, Vanderlande Industries started as a general machinery and construction company in small business premises on the Veghel canal, producing hoisting equipment, cranes and conveyor belts for various purposes, including the unloading of coal barges.

60 Years in the Automated Material Handling Industry

In the 1960's, the company entered into a joint venture with a.o. the American company Rapistan, and Vanderlande was licensed for their material handling technology. This marked the company’s entry into what is now referred to as the market for "automated material handling systems".

60 Years in the Automated Material Handling Industry for Vanderlande IndustriesIn the subsequent period the company, now called Rapistan Lande, expanded its activities with offices in several other European countries. At the same time, the company changed its focus from being a product supplier to a systems supplier.

After Rapistan in the USA had undergone several consecutive take-overs by investment companies, the management of Rapistan Lande decided on a management buy-out in 1988. NPM Capital, ABN AMRO and some private investors joined forces with the management and the employees to purchase all the shares. After this change of ownership, the name was changed to Vanderlande Industries in 1989.

This was the start of a period of strong growth and further internationalisation of the company. The first steps outside Europe were taken in the Far East and in the USA and the delivery of systems was expanded with the delivery of the relevant IT.

Vanderlande now also became a systems integrator. In addition to the IT component, project management, innovation, engineering and the international supply chain were greatly expanded for this as well. In line with this strategic direction, the German software company GamBit was taken over in 1997. Turnover tripled in this period and the number of employees grew from 400 to 800.

The international outreach has been strengthened further in the past ten years and Vanderlande now has its own companies in many European countries, the USA, China and South-Africa. NPM is still a shareholder with an 85% share since early 2009. Vanderlande is now active all over the world and has become a major supplier of automated material handling systems and the corresponding support services. Vanderlande is the global market leader for baggage handling systems at airports and for sorting centres for express parcel services, and is a top 5 distribution centre automation supplier.

Turnover has again tripled in the past ten years to well over 600 million euro and the company now employs 2000 staff, half of whom work in the Netherlands.

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