Vanderlande BAXORTER Baggage System Goes Live in China


Vanderlande has successfully delivered a state-of-the-art baggage handling system for the new T2 terminal at Nanning Wuxu International Airport in China, which opened on 25 September 2014. The innovative system incorporates the company’s first BAXORTER baggage sorting solution in the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

T2 terminal at Nanning Wuxu International Airport

Airport Baggage SortingWith the fast-paced economic development in south-west China, Nanning is becoming a gateway connecting the rest of the country to south-east Asia. During the past few years, domestic and international air travel has increased dramatically by an annual rate of 8.8%.

The existing T1 terminal handled eight million passengers in 2013 and has served the region for almost 20 years, but is no longer capable of handling such an enormous influx of air travellers. The decision was made to build a new terminal that could manage 16 million passengers per year.

Vanderlande took the responsibility of meeting that challenge and came up with a reliable solution in the form of the BAXORTER. The loop sorter is fitted with three inducts, 41 straight chutes, five spiral chutes and 117 decks to provide a sorting capacity of 3,000 trays per hour.

Baggage Handling System

The total system includes three check-in islands with 60 check-in conveyors, three ATR (automated tag reader) stations, VERTIBELTS, connecting conveyors and six TRIPLANAR carousels. VIBES high- and low-level control software systems are provided as important parts of the complete solution. The baggage handling system was also designed for a future upgrade and the expansion of a fourth check-in island.

“The launch of the modern baggage handling system – especially the automated sorter – has positioned Nanning Wuxu International Airport as one of the most important airports in southern China,” said the airport’s CEO, Mr Liu Dan.

“The successful introduction of Nanning Wuxu’s baggage handling system marks the debut of the BAXORTER in China,” adds Govert Hamers, Vanderlande’s CEO. “Even during the commissioning phase, many potential customers showed great interest in this product and Vanderlande is confident that it will have a promising future in this segment of the Chinese airport market.”

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