Baggage Handling and Passenger Boarding Bridge Contract


Vanderlande Industries have become the official Operations and Maintenance supplier for Dallas / Fort Worth international Airport's Terminal E inline baggage handling system and its thirty-five passenger boarding bridges.

Baggage Handling System Maintenance

The O&M contract worth more than $11.5 million is due to extend over a four-year period with a 50-person team. Vanderlande Industries will operate and maintain the existing baggage handling system and passenger boarding bridges at the terminal.  They will also provide operation and maintenance services for the new baggage handling system which they are introducing over the coming four years.

Vanderlande Industries have been operating at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport since 2003 when they were contracted to build a $27 million inline screening system at terminals B and E. Following this work, Vanderlande have continued working closely with the airport via their spare parts division. Vanderlande's Vice President of customer services, Wes Goode, commented: "Our proven track record with DFW over the years offered us the opportunity to show our true value over the competition. Vanderlande presented a best value bid with the most comprehensive solution. Our technology, our team, and our experience all came together here".

Along with the baggage handling system maintenance services, Vanderlande will install their VIBES (Vanderlande Industries Baggage Execution System), featuring business process intelligence and remote monitoring hardware and software, on both the new and existing baggage handling facilities. VIBES is a versatile control solution providing a detailed overview of the associated baggage handling system. The software provides a complete picture of the baggage handling system from start to finish including its arrangement, observation, optimisation and implementation.

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