31% Increase in Sales for Vanderlande Industries


Vanderlande Industries gained net sales of 741 million Euros in the 2013 financial year (up to the 31st of March, 2013). After being largely stable since the 2010 financial year following the economic decline, the 31 percent increase is a reflection on the recovery of the market and the new focus on global expansion of the company.

Peter Gerretse, Vanderlande's CEO, comments: "The results show the recovery in our markets and confirm our strategy."

Vanderlande Industries Sales

Orders increased by 5 percent to 747 million Euro, with a resulting order book total of 858 million Euro - a record high for Vanderlande Industries. Earnings before interest and tax increased by 16 percent to a total of 24.3 million Euros and net earnings for the company totalled 26.1 million Euros (3.5% of sales, with a tax benefit of 8 million Euro's).

These figures illustrate an improvement in Vanderlande's position as a leading supplier of automated material handling systems. The marketplace is expanding despite continuing market instability. Schemes to cut logistics costs combined with the expansion of e-commerce and rising passenger volumes are driving an increased demand for vanderlande's baggage handling, postal / parcel sorting and warehouse automation equipment.

Gerretse adds: "The net sales and earnings show the results of the recovery in our markets in most parts of the world and confirm our strategic choices. But above all they confirm the trust our customers place in our experience and performance. Pricing levels are improving, although we still feel the pressure of tighter government budgets and airline profits in baggage handling."

Increased Market Focus Gerretse explains: "We have been able to grow market share in all segment as a result of an increased market focus in the organisation. Our position in emerging markets like Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America has been strengthened and sales in these regions have doubled over the last year."

Vanderlande as an Employer

Vanderlande's success is also highlighted by its increasing staff numbers, which rose by 16 percent to a total of 2711. Vanderlande has been listed once again, as an employer of choice in Effectory's Dutch employee engagement survey.

"Our customer services business continues to grow and, as it is a people’s business in many ways, it is responsible for the majority of the increase in the number of people," explains Gerretse. "The fact that we have been nominated for the 7th year in succession as an employer of choice will help us to recruit the talent we need to achieve our growth ambition."

Long-term Outlook

The long-term outlook for Vanderlande Industries' core markets is encouraging. Growth in total volumes combined with a new focus on automation across the marketplace is expected to yield increased investment in automated material handling systems.

In light of this positive market outlook, on Vanderlande's status as a market leader and on the company's record breaking order book, Vanderlande Industries is confident of achieving its goals in the years to come.

Investment in People and Solutions.

Gerretse concludes: "We will continue to invest in R&D and in the development of automated material handling solutions and to actively develop our people. Our efforts to develop products that are energy-efficient and ensure utilisation of good materials which can be re-used endlessly will continue, and we intend to keep our prominent role in this field. Our people are key in the design, implementation and service of our solutions. We will therefore continue to recruit top talent in areas such as product development, project management, project engineering, software development and customer services. In a world of technology, we believe in people."

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