Alternative Fuel Source For Ration Heating and Field Survival

UtilityFlame Fire Gel

Approved by the US and other national military organisations, Utility Flame™ is a replacement for hexamine (Esbit), trioxane, alcohol/ethanol-based fuel gels and flameless ration heaters. A safer and more effective heat source was needed to solve the problem of how to heat food and beverage; get hot water for personal hygiene, and; provide a fire source for field survival all in one product? Further, how can you do this without generating smoke, odor and toxins?more

Utility Flame™ is the solution. It is safe, effective, and economical. It is non-hazardous and can be transported without restriction. It is a ‘green’ product that is environment friendly. It burns on any surface under any conditions, and has an unlimited shelf life.

Uses And Applications include: Boil water; Provide emergency sterilization; Make hot field rations such as MRE; Reconstitute freeze dried foods; Heat a beverage; Dry wet clothing; Provide hot water for personal hygiene; Start a camp fire, even with wet wood; Use as a heat source in virtually any environment and situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Utility Flame™ different from other gel fuels? Utility Flame™ is based on a different chemistry. Other fuel gels are alcohol or ethanol based. As such they are highly flammable and hazardous to handle, transport and store. Even ‘bio-ethanol’ fuel gels have this problem. Utility Flame™ by contrast is based on a proprietary formulation that is non hazardous and non toxic.

How long will Utility Flame™ fire gel burn? The 37 ml packet will burn for approximately 20 minutes, long enough to heat a field ration or make a hot beverage.

Is it toxic and what is the impact on the environment? Utility Flame™ fire gel is non-toxic. The only residue is silica, and the only by-products are H2O vapor and CO2. It is an environment friendly heat source that is safe and easy to clean up.

Will Utility Flame™ fire gel flare when ignited? Does it smoke or emit any odor? No. Utility Flame™ does not flare when ignited, and burns with a smokeless, blue flame that produces no odor. You can add gel to the fire as needed without fear of flashback.

Can Utility Flame™ fire gel be used in extreme climates or high altitudes? Yes, it will burn blue at 737°C and at temperatures as low as minus -30°C.

Can it be transported on an airplane, or via courier/post? Yes. With its high ignition point and low vapor pressure, it has a fire hazard rating of 1 and is readily shipped with safety. There are no transport restrictions.

How long is the shelf life? How strong is the packaging? Unlimited shelf life with packages designed and built to military specifications (heavy foil laminate and poly-nylon). The 6 oz. (177 ml) pouch with screw cap is designed for multiple uses. Product will not deteriorate once exposed to air.

Product Options: 1.25 oz. (37 ml) single use packets; 6.0 oz (177 ml) re-sealable pouches; Emergency Food Kits; Bulk packaging in drums and IBC totes for field dispensing. Labels available in any language and with your organization’s information.less


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