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UTILIS S.A.S. was founded in 1997 and has over 10 years of experience as ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and supplier of quick deploy mobile tactical shelters, integrated containers and more complex infrastructure solutions for military and civil applications. Modular by design and based on ease of deploy and strike down, UTILIS shelters have been the choice of defence forces, civil protection organisations, rescue forces, relief and first aid organisations, NGOs and United Nations for their field operations. With maximum durability, minimum maintenance and sensible packed dimensions for transport, our mobile tactical shelters, mobile decontamination units, camps and command centres, mobile medical tents and field hospitals, NBC and Colpro protection, accommodation, storage and maintenance enclosures have been in constant use in all types of climates and terrains worldwide.more

Defence Tactical Shelters

UTILIS manufactures different series of shelters (TM, TL and TXL series) with multiple models of various sizes: from 18sqm to 80sqm that can be complexed to one another and to other types of shelters creating large work areas. All TM shelters are deployable within 5 minutes with a minimum number of personnel and no additional resources such as power or height aids.The TM, TL and TXL shelters share the patented folding, extendable frame with fully adjustable feet. The PVC canvas is suspended inside the structure and its deployment follows a logical pattern that requires minimum training. The small number of parts minimizes vulnerabilities and maintenance requirements on the battlefield.UTILIS also equips shelters with full range of additional accessories that can be fitted without modification to meet user requirements: Thermal fly, Internal liner that can be divided into cubicles for private sleeping or work areas, NBC Colpro liner, heating, air-conditioning, ECUs, lighting, to name a few. A unique range of bespoke Connection boots is available for connection to vehicles and containers of various types and sizes.

Mobile Tactical Shelters

UTILIS can design and produce any bespoke project for creating large work areas with maximum use of space. For this purpose UTILIS provides TL (7.2m wide x 4.2m long) and TXL (9m wide x 5.2 m long) series shelters that can be deployed in many configurations: as a large vehicle/helicopters maintenance enclosure, warehouse, command and control centre or as a field hospital ward.

The TL and TXL shelters are composed of multiple bodies, the surface of each body is modular and adapted to clients’ dimensions, and can also be linked further to any of the TM series shelters.

Colpro and NBC Protection Units

Through design evolvement UTILIS shelters have been adapted to provide many decontamination solutions. Both in the military or civilian environment the TM series shelters are used as a rapid deploy decontamination solution. These have been tailored to meet user requirements. Mobile decontamination units permit decontamination of 30 to 50 people/hour for walking and/or non-walking casualties.

The decontamination process can be carried out inside a Colpro system using positive pressure with controlled entry through an airlock; using a negative pressure system or incorporating multi lane internal disposable decontamination bags without air flow systems. Colpro tents can be set up as a command post, dormitory etc and can be linked to a decontamination unit.

Mobile Decontamination Units

In addition to complete shelter systems UTILIS provides containerized solutions for various applications, such as Colpro or decontamination, medical facilities, offices or yet administration complexes. These are completely autonomous containers for military (ISO type) or civil (Composite type) use with a possibility to complex them to any of the TM, TL or TXL series shelters.

Mobile Field Hospitals

UTILIS has a history of complete equipment solutions for field hospitals, forward medical posts and other medical facilities, both in the civilian and military markets. Emergency care facilities and general hospital facilities are designed and supplied both for highly mobile or long-term applications. A variable range of treating modules are efficiently adapted to any mission’s requirements offering a sustained medical support accomplished by food, hygiene, water treatment, power distribution and lodging modules that are vital for smooth and certain operation.

UTILIS mobile field hospitals have been in use in Africa, conflict and disaster stricken areas in Asia and Middle East. UTILIS has also recently supplied field hospitals to the UN and Peruvian Health Ministry.

Tests and Evaluations

UTILIS range of shelters occupies a unique position in the market place corresponding to NATO and MIL-standard specifications. UTILIS shelters have successfully passed Natick technical tests to withstand 10 psf snow load, high temperature at 130°F (55°C) with 1100 watts/m2 of solar loading, 55 mph (90 km/h) sustained wind loads (with 65mph (105 km/h) gusts), wind-driven rain, blackout protection and 50 erect-strike durability cycles.

Service Solutions

From concept through to prototype UTILIS offers full back up from our design team. We can build ideas into GA drawings, to 3D images through to full working prototypes. We have the experience to develop systems around our modular shelter concept to meet each customer requirements. UTILIS offers a complete logistical support via offices across the globe: in Europe, US, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.less


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