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Kongsberg Maritime Ltd

Kongsberg Maritime specialises in the manufacture and supply of innovative and dependable maritime electronics and instrumentation for military, offshore and ocean science markets worldwide. Our principal areas of business include shipping, offshore energy, subsea operations, naval, fisheries and harbour surveillance.

Our product technologies include ROV and AUV instrumentation, underwater imaging systems, ocean survey, hydrography, sonar, underwater navigation and positioning, vessel control and process automation. Kongsberg Maritime has specific divisions specialising in the application of our commercial technology for defence requirements.more

Based in Norway, but with offices and subsidiaries throughout the world, Kongsberg Maritime is a major division of the Kongsberg Group, which is part owned by the Norwegian government and has interests in defence and aerospace, in addition to its activities in the maritime market. Examples of Kongsberg's COTS equipment that have been successfully introduced into the military arena include:

  • HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for mine hunting, rapid environmental assessment and route survey,
  • Hydrographic Survey Suite,
  • HOSS Helicopter Operations Surveillance System,
  • The Mesotech SM2000 Obstacle Avoidance and Diver Detection Sonar,
  • PNTCS Portable Navigation, Tracking and Communication System
  • UXO Monitoring System which represents the latest in distributed sensor technology for enhance planning, execution and monitoring of UXO render safe procedures.

Underwater Cameras

The UK based Camera Group specialises in the development of underwater cameras and video solutions for harsh environments including ships, submarines, robotic and land vehicle applications. With knowledge of all aspects of optics, sensors, control and communication technologies, Kongsberg is able to design a camera or CCTV system for almost any application. Recently developed technologies in network transmission, digital imaging and ballistic protection have resulted in new products offering superior performance and ease of use.

Diver Detection Sonar (DDS)

Diver Detection Sonar (DDS)

The Kongsberg Mesotech range of Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) has evolved to accomplish a variety of missions. These roles include fixed systems for port security, mobile systems for asset and event security plus shipboard systems for vessel protection. DDS systems can be integrated easily into larger C2/C4ISR systems to provide situational awareness of the underwater domain. With over 40 systems delivered worldwide the effectiveness and reliability of the Mesotech solution is unmatched by any of its competitors.

At present, Kongsberg DDS systems are operated with a number of different automated detection and tracking software programs. These include CATA™ (Computer Aided Target Acquisition), MSI-C-Scope™ and Defender II plus software packages developed by defence-industry integrators in cooperation with Kongsberg. The Defender X™ software module enables the networked output from up to ten sonar nodes to be displayed on a single display, simplifying and reducing the number of displays required for operation in multi-node systems.

ROV/AUV Cameras

Underwater video cameras fitted to Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for navigationand inspection purposes giving the ROV pilot/operator maximum field of view and through water visual range with the best possible sensitivity, contrast and resolution in low light and turbid water. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd manufactures a range of monochrome CCD underwater cameras for navigation which provide superior performance in low light and murky water situations. A range of High Definition (HD) Cameras ensures the best possible image quality for close-up inspection and survey tasks.

Military CCTV Systems

The Camera Group has extensive experience in the supply of CCTV systems to the US Navy and the UK Royal Navy. These systems covering both fleet fit and special applications are typically used for monitoring, navigation and tactical purposes. The scope of supply for these applications covers both military and commercial specification products. Kongsberg military solutions are offered with full integrated logistics support (ILS), aimed at achieving the highest operational availability and lowest life cycle cost. The ILS philosophy is applied to all phases of the life cycle including design, development, in-service support and disposal.

Vessel CCTV

With the greater emphasis on reduced manning, waterline security and anti-terrorism,comprehensive surveillance of military ships by way of a robust vessel CCTV system is a vital function. Kongsberg Maritime is a world leader in the design and manufacture of integrated video solutions for harsh environments. Kongsberg CCTV and video systems are in service with many Special Forces and Security Specialists around the world.

Port Security Operator

Port Security

In conjunction with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, the company is able to provide a fully integrated port security system that addresses underwater, surface and airborne threats. Vessel Traffic Management Information Systems (VTMIS) can be integrated into this system utilising the C-Scope software suite of Kongsberg NorControl IT. Data can be integrated from the widest possible choice of sensors, including live satellite feeds, to provide the full security picture.

Underwater Lamps and Accessories

Kongsberg Maritime is the leader in providing innovative underwater imaging technology that is built to support the most demanding Offshore, Scientific and Maritime applications and has over25 years involvement in developing systems for Defence markets. With extensive technical and manufacturing expertise, our solutions include power supplies, lights, transmission systems, display and recording equipment designed and engineered to provide the best possible viewing performance. The highest build quality and built-in safety and environmental protection features, coupled with a global through-life support commitment, ensure the operational dependability our customers expect.less


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