Suppliers of Foldable / Military Solar Panels and Battery Chargers


Delivered directly or via a global network of resellers & distributors UnatSolar power packs are lightweight, portable and rugged, suitable for almost any kind of remote and military applications.

Foldable Solar Panels

Our portable, foldable solar panels give you 62 watt in 12 or 24 volt. They are used as backup or primary power to many different electric devices like: military battery chargers (adapters for 2590, 590 and 390 is available), unmanned sensor systems, two way communicators, laser range finders, laptops, SATCOMs and GPS.more

Tactical Communication Flight Boxes - BGAN

We have developed several Tactical Communication flight boxes (TACCOM) that also include BGAN from Thrane & Thrane. Our foldable solar panels are accredited to be used with Thrane & Thrane Explorer satellite phones, which also work together with Tandbergs tactical and portable video system, MXP. UnatSolar also distribute Thrane & Thrane and Tandberg products.

Military Solar Panels – Camo Colour

UnatSolar do have military foldable solar panels from 62watt (12 or 24 volt) down to 30 watt (12 volt) You can choose black, desert or green camo colours.         

But also a panel, which can recharge your AA-batteries that you use maybe for GPS, night googles, etc. etc.

Military Battery ChargerCamo Colour Military Foldable Solar PanelTACCOM 700

Thrane Explorer 700 – Broadband Terminal

UnatSolar TACCOM700 is your mobile office in remote areas. Including foldable solar panels, laptop, printer, a heavy duty Broadband Terminal Thrane Explorer 700 (BGAN), Bluetooth handset, batteries (that can recharge from 5-19 volt)

UnatSolar TACCOM500, include Explorer 500 (BGAN), wireless router, 2 way handset, solar panels, batteries, printer.

Military Battery Chargers

Depending on your needs we can develop the box for all your equipment, like crypto-equipment, military battery chargers, etc. etc. Military battery 2590, 590, 390 or AN/prc-148 MBITR with UnatSolar portable foldable solar panels and adapter secure you to charge your batteries anywhere.

Iridium 9555 - 30 Watt Solar Panel

To recharge your Iridium 9555 with a car adapter, you only need our 30 watt panel, NSN is available..

Portable Power In Remote Areas:

Unatsolar distribute foldable power packs, which are lightweight, portable and rugged enabling new and innovative commercial consumer, aid, remote, relief, military and industrial applications.

Unfolding UnatSolar PanelsElectric Devices

Make your life easier, unfold the portable solar panel, and connect it to your battery.less

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