Military Helmets and Protective Shields


Ulbrichts produces Titanium Helmets, Military Helmets, Special Forces Helmets and Protection Shields. Ulbirchts in Austria is a well-established developer and producer of helmets and protection shields for the protection of Army and Police Forces in conflict situations.

Over 40 years ago Ulbrichts began production of steel helmets conforming to the well-known American Type M1, complete with inner helmet. Since then, various types of Special Forces Helmets, Police Helmets, Fire Brigade Helmets and Titanium Helmets have been developed and produced. Kevlar Helmets are also included in our production program.more

Ulbrichts is your competent partner for the protection of Action Forces against assaults by firearms, explosions, thrown subjects, Molotov cocktails, tear gas and bacterial substances.

Ulbrichts successfully cooperates with suppliers for special equipments such as:

  • Intelligent communication systems, particular with active ear defender
  • Oxygen masks
  • Night vision instruments

This enables us to offer an optimal adjusted package to the user. Ulbrichts is certified and runs according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.

Titanium Helmets:

Titanium, a lightweight, tough metal, which is also used for plane construction and in Formula 1 racecars, is manufactured at Ulbrichts for gun-resistant helmets of the highest security standard. The structure and homogeneity of the helmet material means that only very slight deformation is caused to the inside after projectile impact. Hurting a user through excessive deformation of the helmet's inside is nearly impossible. Due to the strength and quality of our helmets, Ulbrichts Titanium Helmets are used by leading special commands in Europe (Germany, Austria, etc.) and many other nations worldwide.

The manufacturing program contains 3 different types of Titanium Helmets:

  • Titanium Helmut AM 95 with shot-resistant visor and integrated communication system with active ear defender
  • Titanium Helmut US 95 with shot-resistant visor and optional comm. system without active ear defender
  • Titanium Helmut TL01 with ballistic or hit protection visor.

For all models of Titanium Helmets there are extensive accessories such as:

  • Mask adapters for fixing oxygen mask without taking off the helmet
  • Night vision instruments
  • Shot-resistant neck protection
  • Helmet cover
  • Carrier bag

Police Helmets:

Police Helmets, developed and produced by Ulbrichts demonstrate a high protection level with optimal comfort. In the case of the inner linings, used in models AP 23 and AP 27, optimal ventilation is given. Because of this construction the helmets are specifically qualified for use in high temperature and humid situations.

Our manufacturing program includes 3 fundamental types of police helmets, upon which separate components can be combined:

  • Police Helmet AP 23 with toned visor, leather inner lining and real leather neck protection
  • Police Helmet AP 27 with transparent visor, free size inner lining and small neck protection
  • Police Helmet E 95 with transparent visor and styropore inner lining

Throughout our production system there are possible customer-specific solutions that can be applied to each helmet. Of course the Police Helmets can also be equipped with the accessories used by Titanium Helmets, as mask adapters and communication systems.less


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