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Turner Access Ltd

Turner Access Ltd is a manufacturer of innovative access and scaffolding equipment for working safely at height. We provide a range of equipment, including system scaffolding, aluminium access towers, low level access work platforms and scaffolding accessories; supported by our training and scaffold contract hire services.

We have over 30 years of experience in the access and scaffolding industry, across numerous sectors; including general construction, industrial, oil & gas, offshore, nuclear and aviation MRO.more

Our manufacturing facility is based in Glasgow, UK and is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 and BSOHSAS 18001:2007. Suppliers are vetted through a rigorous appraisal process, ensuring the best quality materials are used in the manufacture of our products.

Products and Services:

  • Turner OCTO System Scaffolding
  • Steel Scaffold Towers and Scaffold Packages
  • Alloy Towers, Hire and Sale
  • Low Level Access
  • Scaffolding Contracts Division
  • PASMA Training
  • IPAF Training
  • IOSH Working and Managing Safely Training Courses
  • Manual Handling Training

Turner OCTO System Scaffolding

Turner Octo System ScaffoldingTurner OCTO® system scaffolding is the only original system scaffolding currently manufactured in the UK. It is designed and manufactured to provide users with greater versatility, improved safety and increased productivity.

A 360 degree movement in the joint connection allows for up to eight components to be fitted in one cup at the same level. This amount of versatility offers many possibilities in structure size, shape and strength, making Turner OCTO® appropriate for use in numerous market sectors, e.g. scaffolding offshore, industrial scaffolding.

For the same scaffold area, Turner OCTO® utilises less components and is less than half the weight of traditional Tube & Fittings. This means a reduction in assembly and dismantling costs, increased speed, and as a result, maximises productivity.

OCTO® scaffold components are designed and manufactured with key safety features built in e.g. how the component is handled and fitted. Preventing falls from height during assembly, dismantling and alteration is achieved using GuardAid® Positional Tool.

Aluminium Scaffold Towers

Our range of Aluminium Scaffold Towers is derived from a continuous search for improved product design and performance for working safely at height. Our alloy tower range includes the OCTO 250 Aluminium Tower and Beta Tower®. Both Scaffold Towers are available with standard bracing, incorporating the 3T method of assembly, or the advanced guardrail system BetaGuard®.

An AGR (Advance Guardrail) Tower from Turner Access ensures the user’s safety when working at height.  BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail Towers provide collective protection, the standard set out by Work at Height Regulations. The BetaGuard® Advanced Guardrail System also simplifies aluminium tower erection by eliminating the need for both horizontal and diagonal braces.

The OCTO 250 Scaffold Tower features a unique climbing frame design, with eight non-slip rungs at 250mm centres. The Beta Tower® features a unique built in ladder for simple ascent and descent.

Turner Access Aluminium Scaffold Towers are designed and manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland, through quality systems accredited to ISO9001:2008 and BS EN 1004:2004.

Low Level Access Work Platforms

Scaffolding Stair AccessTurner Access Low Level Work Platforms provide a safer means of working at height to ladders, steps and trestles. Each of our access units provides a fully guardrailed working platform. Our range includes:

  • Deltadeck – a one-piece folding unit that can be assembled in less than a minute, allowing easy transportation and storage. There are multiple working heights (450mm to 870mm), providing a maximum working height of 3m.
  • Sigmadeck – a folding tower providing a platform height of up to 1.6m (working height 3.6m). It has compact folding dimensions making it an ideal access solution for those that need easy movement between applications.
  • Alphastep – also known as a podium step; the Alphastep provides 4 platform heights up to 1m (maximum working 3m).
  • Omegadeck – a work platform providing up-and-over access. The Omegadeck is ideal for use in applications where the work environment presents the need to span immovable objects e.g. manufacturing plant.

Cost Effective Aircraft Docking for Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Challenging deadlines in the MRO industry requires maximum productivity to be achieved. Turner Access docking solutions are quick to assemble and can encase any type of aircraft closely, enabling work to be carried out efficiently.

Components are lightweight and easy to handle; yet extremely strong and robust. Aircraft docks and maintenance platforms can be constructed on mobile bases, enabling faster docking and de-docking.

Unlike fixed docking, Turner Access Aircraft Docks can be broken down, modified and re-configured, enabling them to be re-used time and time again for different types of aircraft (additional components and design may be required for other applications).

Our Aircraft Docking Designers have produced designs for numerous types of aircraft, including; Airbus Series, Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier, Military, Embraer, DC Aircraft and other types of light utility aircraft. Previous aviation docking applications have included; wing docks, tail docks,  nose docks, pylon access and engine docks, fuselage docking, cargo door access, crown and cockpit access and avionics access platforms.less


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